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Alert Price: $0.36
High Price: $1.01
Results: 180% in 40 Days
Alert Price: $1.81
High Price: $4.65
Results: 157% in 36 Days
Alert Price: $15.85
High Price: $30
Results: 91% in 41 Days
Alert Price: $12.72
High Price: $23.75
Results: 87% in 20 Days
Alert Price: $1.47
High Price: $2.32
Results: 58% in 29 Days
Alert Price: $15.10
High Price: $23.40
Results: 55% in 37 Days
Alert Price: $18.24
High Price: $25.09
Results: 38% in 55 Days
Alert Price: $48.25
High Price: $65.90
Results: 36% in 28 Days
Alert Price: $27.22
High Price: $35.88
Results: 32% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $13.40
High Price: $17.04
Results: 27% in 22 Days
Alert Price: $4.43
High Price: $5.45
Results: 23% in 3 Days
Alert Price: $8.30
High Price: $10.25
Results: 23% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $15.40
High Price: $18.67
Results: 21% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $6.89
High Price: $8.25
Results: 20% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $11.24
High Price: $13.46
Results: 20% in 15 Days
Alert Price: $7.97
High Price: $9.30
Results: 16% in 10 Days
Alert Price: $32.03
High Price: $37.09
Results: 16% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $7.17
High Price: $8.24
Results: 15% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $8.49
High Price: $9.55
Results: 12% in 7 Days
Alert Price: $19.50
High Price: $21.93
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $20.00
High Price: $22.42
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $70.82
High Price: $79
Results: 11% in 5 Days
Alert Price: $48.15
High Price: $52.90
Results: 10% in 14 Days
Alert Price: $67.61
High Price: $73.56
Results: 9% in 12 Days

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Mainstream Financial News


GLD Daily Holdings Fall Rise 4.1 Tonnes to 834.4 Tonnes

March 21, 2017: StreetTracks Gold Trust SPDR Gold Trust ETF GLD daily holdings rise 4.1 tonnes to 834.4 tonnes; First rise since Mar 15th.

March 6, 2017: GLD StreetTracks Gold Trust SPDR Gold Trust ETF daily holdings fall 3.8 tonnes to 836.8 tonnes which is the lowest level since Feb 10th. This is the second (Read More….)

Did Robert Kiyosaki Predict a Stock Market Crash In 2017? Oh Yes He Did!

Robert Kiyosaki predicts that a stock market crash will begin in 2017. The Rich Dad Poor Dad author says that Baby Boomers have to legally start withdrawing money from their 401ks in 2017 and that will cause the stock market to crash.

Why do all these dire predictions always come from people who are (Read More….)

GLD Daily Holdings Rise First Time Since November 9, 2016

January 15, 2017: SPDR Gold Trust ETF GLD daily holdings rise 3 tonnes to 808 tonnes. This is the first increase in gold holdings of GLD since November 9, 2016.

I like gold for a long entry here as a hedge against a Black Swan Trump event. I do not hold gold at the time (Read More….)

Pretium Resources Sell For a 15% Win

January 2, 2016: Sell Pretium Resources for a 15% gain in 6 days. Congratulations if you were able to make money on the trade.

December 21, 2016: Agora Financial is making positive comments about Pretium Resources, and they set a price target of $18 per share.

December 16, 2016: H.C. Wainwright/Rodman & Renshaw reiterates a (Read More….)

Why You Need To Stay Away From Gold

I’ve received many questions from nervous traders about what my thoughts are on piling back into gold. A rising US dollar is why you need to stay away from gold IMO.

Macroeconomics of Gold and the US Dollar

Gold is primarily priced in US dollars. When the US dollar goes down in value, it (Read More….)

National Debt Explosion Higher and Trump Mania

The national debt in the U.S. is going to explode higher during a Trump Administration. My prediction is that by the end of Trump’s first term, the national debt will be more than $23 trillion. It took 240 years to build up the first half of our debt. Democrats and President Obama doubled that in (Read More….)

Stock Market Forecast For Week of November 14 2016

We pulled off an incredible victory of getting Donald Trump elected. Congrats guys, we did it. Now the first point of focus is the backward bending Laffer Curve. Thanks to the reckless policies of Democrats and Obama, the national debt is up to almost $20 trillion dollars. The horrible national debt leaves Trump with little (Read More….)

Stock Market Forecast For Week of October 17 2016

For the week, the S&P 500 lost -1%, the DJIA fell -0.6%, and the Nasdaq dropped -1.5%. Last week, preannouncements from Honeywell, Dover, Ericsson, and Fortinet scared traders, along with a disappointing Q3 report from Alcoa. HP announced a cut of 3,000 to 4,000 jobs across all divisions because of challenging market conditions.

Friday’s solid (

Stock Market Prediction News For Week of October 10 2016

About 156K new jobs were added in September. The consensus was for 168K. The pace of job creation has slowed since last year, along with the U.S. economy. Friday’s September payrolls report of 156K new jobs was spun by Fed Vice Chair Fischer, as a “goldilocks” number, not too hot, not too cold.

I removed (

Desperate Bank Opens Millions Of Fake Accounts For Fees

Banks are so desperate for profits, because of ultra-low interest rates, that they are increasingly turning to fraud.

A whopping 5,300 Wells Fargo employees were fired for creating over 2 million phony “ghost” bank accounts, and then charging customers fees on those accounts. The phony accounts earned the bank unwarranted fees and allowed Wells Fargo (Read More….)

Stock Market Forecast For Week of September 6 2016

Trading volumes could finally start to pick up after the Labor Day holiday as institutional traders return to their desks. Watch out, money managers often clean house after Labor Day.

September is the worst month of the year for the S&P 500 so again, watch out. September is usually a bad month for markets.

Last (

Deutsche Bank Linked To Gold Scam

Deutsche Bank, the principal bank behind Xetra-Gold, said that its partner Clearstream Banking AG stores one gram of gold for each unit of Xetra-Gold. Xetra-Gold, a publicly traded exchange-traded commodity, claims that “every gram of gold purchase electronically is backed by the same amount of physical gold.” Xetra-Gold promised that investors have “the right for (Read More….)

Gold and Mining Stocks Game Plan

YouTube subscriber Tami asks, “I saw the YouTube video on the stock market crash projections. My son and I watch you frequently and think you are great. Do you think it is still good to stay in gold and mining stocks?”

Thank you so much for your kind words Tami. Here is how I think (Read More….)

Long NUGT Off A Beautiful Retracement

I just went long NUGT this morning. The idea is to trade in and out of NUGT on the way up.

I took a Blue 10 entry which is usually a solid entry. NUGT is a longer term swing trade and so the 1 hour and daily time frames are what I focus on, and (Read More….)

287K Jobs: Something Is Rotten In the US

The non-farm payrolls number came in at an incredible 287,000 jobs created in June. The shocking June non-farm payrolls report has some serious problems though that seem to suggest it could be fake.

I’m betting that the next jobs report in August will show a big downward revision.

Chart Source:

Something seems sort (

NUGT Long Entry On 38.2 Percent Retracement

I took a long entry today in NUGT on a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement. I booked profits in NUGT last week and was a bit bummed as I watched it go higher and higher. Then, a miracle happened and we had a huge pullback today on the ADP job report today. NUGT set up right into (Read More….)

Japan Bond Yields All Going Negative

Japan’s bond yields are all going negative. Reports are that the 20-year bond yield briefly fell below zero today in some markets. The bid chart I was able to retrieve shows 20-year bond yields just above zero at 0.017%.

The number of Japanese bonds with a negative yield are astounding. Anything below the 20-year (Read More….)

Gold Explodes Higher On July 4th

Precious metals have soared during the July 4th holiday impacted session. Overnight gold and silver futures blasted higher. Gold futures surged over +1% while silver futures exploded higher by +4%.



The overnight buying spree of gold and silver mostly came from China.

Why China Is Investing In Gold

The (

Rush To Invest In Gold As Stocks Become Extremely Dangerous

It’s no secret that a massive amount of US dollars are flowing into gold. The message to investors in 2016 is clear: invest in gold. Is price the only reason to invest in gold?–or are traders seeing a Black Swan event on the horizon.

The rush to invest in gold is staggering when you look (Read More….)

US Banking Collapse Of Confidence As Earnings Fall

As earnings fall across the banking sector, and SEC criminal charges rise, new signs are emerging of a US banking collapse that may be already underway.

One of the most shocking facts about Brexit was the massive panic selling in US banks. The average decline for the country’s six biggest banks was -7.59%. Apparently, banks (Read More….)

Kinross Gold Corporation Strike Ends at Tasiast Mine

June 13, 2016: Strike ends at Kinoss Gold Corporation’s Tasiast Mine. The strike was settled quickly and so it is not expected to impact annual guidance. The strike by unionized employees at its Tasiast mine that began on May 24, 2016 has ended. Striking employees began returning to work on June 11, 2016 (Read More….)

George Soros Bets On Coming Stock Market Crash

George Soros has come out of retirement to personally oversee big bearish bets against the market including bearish derivatives and huge positions in gold and gold mining stocks.

The spooky thing is that the last time Soros did this was in 2007, right before the last recession.

George Soros is a big supporter (