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AECOM stock shows a sharp upward turn in large players volume after the company reports earnings and revenue beats.

AECOM Stock Has Large Players Volume Turn Up and TMF Breaking Positive


AECOM reported both earnings and revenue beats which made the large players volume turn up sharply while the Twiggs Money Flow broke positive.

Debt Ceiling and Peter Schiff vs Trump


Peter Schiff is using the latest news about an attempt to end the debt ceiling as a way to promote his long gold positions: Source: Peter Schiff YouTube Of course Schiff works in the gold promotion industry and so it’s not surprising to hear all the ways Schiff interprets the news as being good for Read More »

Government Spending and the Crowding Out Effect


The velocity of money has hit the lowest level ever recorded as I wrote about here. I believe the crowding out effect is at least partially to blame for the slowdown in the velocity of money. President Obama has run the national debt up to nearly $20 trillion, more than all Read More »

An info graphic that shows the different leading economic reports Lance Jepsen tracks as they relate to the GDP. GDP has the reports ECRI Leading Index, stock market, and Yield Curve Spread. The C component of the GDP formula has Consumer Confidence, Retail Sales, and Home Sales. The I component of GDP formula has ISM Manufacturing Index. The G component of GDP formula has Treasury Report. The X minus M component of GDP formula has trade report.

Powerful Economics Case For Trumponomics


One of the reasons I began supporting Donald Trump and declared GuerillaStockTrading as an official supporter of the Trump candidacy had to do with economics and ultimately the stock market. The majority of people who are against Trump are not very smart when it comes to understanding international trade and macroeconomics. Donald Trump has nothing Read More »