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AECOM stock shows a sharp upward turn in large players volume after the company reports earnings and revenue beats.

AECOM Stock Has Large Players Volume Turn Up and TMF Breaking Positive


AECOM reported both earnings and revenue beats which made the large players volume turn up sharply while the Twiggs Money Flow broke positive.

Huntington Ingalls stock chart shows big pop on earnings and revenue beats.

Huntington Ingalls Beats, Growing Backlog, Pops Stock Higher



US National Debt Passes $20.4 Trillion


The US national debt has now passed $20.4 trillion. Below is a brief US national debt history covering 20 years of government rule from 1993 to 2013. US National Debt By Year 2009 = $11.9 trillion 2010 = $13.5 trillion 2011 = $14.8 trillion 2012 = $16.1 trillion 2013 = $17.2 trillion 2014 = $17.8 Read More »

Goldman Sachs stock chart looks bullish after earnings and revenue beats.

Goldman Sachs Beats, Plans to Repurchase $8.7 Bln Worth of Stock



Huntington Ingalls Stock Running Higher, Strong Seasonal Play



Of Course Democrats Want Huge Tax Increases


Of course Democrats want huge tax increases. Tax increases cause expanding deadweight loss and ultimately contract economic growth. Democrats clearly want to crash the economy while President Trump is in office to make sure that he’s a one-term President only. President Trump pushed out on Twitter today that congressional Democrats “want MASSIVE tax increases & Read More »

Debt Ceiling and Peter Schiff vs Trump


Peter Schiff is using the latest news about an attempt to end the debt ceiling as a way to promote his long gold positions: Source: Peter Schiff YouTube Of course Schiff works in the gold promotion industry and so it’s not surprising to hear all the ways Schiff interprets the news as being good for Read More »

Russia Expels US Diplomats As Congress Brings US Closer to War


Russia expels US diplomats in retaliation for Congress increasing sanctions against Russia last week. Let’s just get it out of the way. Congress is stupid. Congress can’t act to help Americans who are suffering under a collapsing ObamaCare. Congress can’t help out Americans who are paying too much in taxes. Congress can’t even act to Read More »

How High Bitcoin Go 2017 Many Say $10,000

How High Bitcoin Go 2017, Many Say $10,000


Everyone wants to know how high can bitcoin will go in 2017 after the internet bubble like appreciation over the last few months. The search phrase how high bitcoin go 2017 has exploded higher over the last week. So many people are still bashing bitcoin (BTC) today. I use to be a basher. I was Read More »

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Trump Claiming Victory For Stock Market Is Actually a Bad Thing


Folks as traders we know better than anyone else that President Trump’s election has been great for the stock market. The problem is that President Trump has cited how the stock market has gone up by $3 trillion in value since his election. This has put a great big target on the stock market. Powerful Read More »

BREAKING: Is A Coup Against President Trump Taking Place?


Folks a coup against President Trump could be taking place. Rogue elements within the US government wire-tapped then candidate Trump’s phones inside the Trump Tower. Rogue elements inside the US government are log jamming and taking actions to undermine President Trump at every turn. I think we have enough evidence now to show a trend Read More »