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United States Economy Teetering On Collapse


The United States economy is teetering, despite what the stock and job markets are saying. The US economy is consumption-centric. Growth in the current recovery has focused on three sectors that have fed through to consumption in its various forms: autos, energy, and financial services. The scariest set of financial indicators to emerge in decades Read More »

Kevin Duffy Profiting from this Impending Stock Market Decline


Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management thinks we are facing another major bear market. Kevin Duffy thinks that this 8 year bull market has been one of the most anemic recoveries since World War II. Also, valuations are very stretched. Duffy thinks we are in a stimulus bubble. The Tech Bubble was very narrow. The Read More »

When Will the Stock Market Crash?


When I expressed caution to a trader last week and that the market exists to ruin the greatest number of amateur traders at any given time, the trader replied I don’t believe that. Another trader I expressed caution to about this market told me I have to just ride the wave higher. Folks, your goal Read More »