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Results: 9% in 12 Days

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Top Catalysts For The Week Ending February 24 2017

Exact Sciences = Roth Capital raised to Buy from Neutral and set a price target of $26

Applied Optoelectronics = Announced the immediate availability of 100G QSFP28 10km transceivers based on the 4WDM-10 MSA specification

Mobileye = RBC reiterates bullish rating and sets a price target of $57

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals = Positive updates on clinical BP-004 study

Raytheon = gets AED1.29 billion defense deal with UAE Armed Forces


Trading Lessons

Mainstream Financial News


Medical Device Markets To Benefit From Big VA IoT Push

The Department of Veterans Affairs is on the cutting edge of IoT medical devices. This is great news for medical device stocks and more specifically telehealth companies like Koninklijke Philips (PHG), Teladoc (TDOC), Medtronic (MDT), and more.

Below is Susan Perez with the Department of Veterans Affairs talking about how IoT and medical devices a (Read More….)

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Updates On Clinical BP-004 Study

February 22, 2017: Bellicum Pharmaceuticals announced updated clinical results of the BP-004 study. To date, 122 pediatric patients have undergone treatment with BPX-501. Investigators reported on 91 patients with 100 days of follow-up, 73 patients with six months, and 45 patients with more than one year of follow-up. Genetic blood diseases (n=54) include SCID (Severe (Read More….)

Roth Capital Raised Exact Sciences To Buy

February 21, 2017: Roth Capital raised Exact Sciences to Buy from Neutral and set a price target of $26. The price target was raised to $26 from $15. Roth Capital says Exact Sciences announced Q4 revenues in-line with its pre-announcement beat driven by strong volumes and higher ASPs, and unveiled 2017 guidance above expectations.

February (

Medtronic Gets Japanese Approval for Micra Transcatheter Pacing System

February 17, 2017: Medtronic announced Japan regulatory approval for the world’s smallest pacemaker, the Micra(TM) Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS). Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) granted approval for Micra based on positive data from the Medtronic Micra TPS Global Clinical Trial, which enrolled 744 patients and evaluated the safety and efficacy of the device (Read More….)

AMN Healthcare Beats on Earnings and Revenue

February 16, 2017: AMN Healthcare Services reports Q4 EPS of $0.62 versus the $0.55 estimate. Revenue also beat coming in at $487.9 million versus the $477 million estimate. Adjusted EBITDA came in at $60.9 million which is up +29.9% YoY.

January 22, 2017: Benchmark Company initiates coverage of AMN AMN Healthcare with a Buy (Read More….)

Centene Beats on Earnings and Revenue

February 7, 2017: Centene reports Q4 EPS of $1.19 versus the $1.12 estimate. Revenue also beat coming in at $11.9 billion versus the $10.9 billion estimate. Quarter-end at-risk managed care membership came in at 11.44 million versus 5.1 million last year representing an increase of 223% YoY, nice!

January 5, 2017: Centene Corporation announced (

Mylan Investors Shrug Off $96.5 Million Settlement

February 6, 2017: Mylan stock got my attention today because the stock climbed on the news that Mylan has to pay $96.5 million in settlement of the Provigil antitrust class action suit. The settlement covers allegations that Mylan delayed launching its generic version of Cephalon narcolepsy drug Provigil in exchange for payment from Cephalon. The (Read More….)

Jefferies Reiterates TherapeuticsMD As Top Small-cap Pick For 2017

January 25, 2017: Jefferies reiterates TherapeuticsMD with a Buy rating and a price target of $18. Jefferies says that the investor tour of local compounding pharmacy provided unique insights into ‘001 market opportunity and reinforced our view that the bioidentical E+P VMS market is at a minimum 5.1M scrips or $714-$893M in sales (assumes 100% (Read More….)

Fusion Telecommunications Awarded 3-year $100K For Managed Cloud Services

January 18, 2017: Fusion Telecommunications announced that it has signed a three year, $100,000 contract with a resource optimization and business process software company in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. The company’s software solutions help some of the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies identify the projects or resources that drive the most return on (Read More….)

Avondale Partners Raised McKesson To Market Outperform

January 17, 2017: Avondale Partners raised McKesson to Market Outperform from Market Perform.

January 17, 2017: McKesson agrees to $150 million settlement with DOJ over failure to report suspicious orders of drugs. The nationwide settlement requires McKesson to suspend sales of controlled substances from distribution centers in Colorado, Ohio, Michigan and Florida for multiple years. (Read More….)

Novo Nordisk Marketing Authorization Granted by European Commission For Fiasp

January 10, 2017: Novo Nordisk A/S B announces marketing authorization granted by European Commission for Fiasp for treatment of diabetes in adults. Novo Nordisk expects to launch Fiasp in the first European countries in the first half of 2017. The authorisation covers all 28 European Union member states.

Fiasp is the brand name for fast-acting (

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Seeing Heavy Call Activity

January 4, 2017: Seeing heavy call activity in Alexion Pharmaceuticals: 2,000 Aug $140 calls traded at $12.80. I wonder if the heavy call activity has anything to do with the takeover rumors that were circulating on December 20, 2016, about Alexion Pharmaceuticals?

December 22, 2016: Leerink defending Alexion Pharmaceuticals; Reiterates outperform rating and price target (Read More….)

Opko Health Huge Gap Down On Phase 3 Trial Problems

December 30, 2016: Opko Health stock did a huge gap down today after a trading halt was put on the stock. Here’s what happened. Opko Health Phase 3 clinical study of hGH-CTP in growth hormone deficient adults showed there was no statistical difference between hGH-CTP and the placebo. However, after unblinding the study, OPKO identified (Read More….)

The Ensign Group Purchases 15 Wisconsin Assisted Living Assets

December 27, 2016: The Ensign Group acquired the underlying real estate of fifteen assisted living operations located throughout Wisconsin. An Ensign subsidiary has been operating each facility since August 2015 under a lease with a purchase option.

The CEO said, “With our ownership of this real estate, we are excited about deepening our commitment to (Read More….)

Biotechnology Won Big On Election Night Here’s Why

Hillary Clinton and Democrats promised to wage war on pharmaceutical companies and do things like price controls on drugs and products of the biotechnology industry.

In California, there was a ballot measure to impose price controls on the sale of pharmaceutical drugs in the state.

Both Hillary Clinton’s probability of winning, and California’s (

Here Comes Inflation FINALLY! Traders Focus On Earnings

We have enough data to say that inflation is finally trending higher.

In case you are wondering why inflation moving higher is important, please review this.

The less volatile sticky CPI confirms the uptrend.

ObamaCare has exploded the cost of medical care higher.

Medical care commodities, which are prescription and (

A Macroeconomic Analysis of ObamaCare

ObamaCare has created massive shortages within the healthcare sector. In cities, it is common to wait many hours before being seen as hospitals have a shortage of beds. Doctors have stopped taking new patients as they are overwhelmed by the numbers of people coming to see them. Let’s examine what happened from a macroeconomics perspective.

(

Rising Wages and Rise of the Machines

As wages rise, more and more business owners are turning to machines instead of human labor. President Obama and Democrats have spent the last 8 years replacing high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector with low-paying jobs in the services and health care sectors. But in all fairness, both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for (Read More….)

Six IPOs Could Come Next Week

Last week was the biggest IPO week of the year with four companies launched. Next week could be even more significant as six companies are on the IPO calendar.

The IPO market is looking healthy. Below is a chart of the Renaissance IPO Index which is a market-cap-weighted basket of newly public companies.

The (

Terrifying US Pension Fund Charts

Pension funds in the US could be close to a collapse. There is an estimated $1.9 trillion shortfall in U.S. state and local pension funds because of low-interest rates and a sideways US stock market. Even stocks falling overseas is a problem for pension funds.

Credit Suisse published the chilling chart below on the funding (Read More….)

ObamaCare Lie Costing Americans Everything

The ObamaCare lie that health care premiums would fall for hard working Americans is so insidious, I fully expect Democrats and Clinton to lose to Trump in November.

Here is Obama lying to the American people about how ObamaCare would lower working people’s health care premiums:

If you haven’t already heard from your employer, (

Massive Bubble Forming In Housing: A Filthy Repeat

The New Home Sales report released on July 26, 2016, came in at 592,000 new homes sold in June. Foreign buyers flooding into U.S. markets as the global economy slows can’t account for all the new home sales.

Home prices continue to rise so high that they are beyond the 2007 bubble popping level (Read More….)

Sectors Warn S&P 500 Brexit Bounce Could Be Over Soon

Sector rotation is flashing a big red warning signal that the post-Brexit bounce could be over as soon as next week. Before I show you the S&P 500 with a Sector Rotation Model overlay, let’s briefly review the concept of sector rotation.

Sector rotation can be helpful in determining what the S&P 500 is likely (Read More….)