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Many traders sitting in front of trading desks in institutional trading firm.

Swing Trading For A Living From Home


How hard is it to swing trade for a living from home? Swing trading for a living is easier than you might think. Swing trading strategies are not hard but you need to know what the right tools are and how to use them. With active swing trading where you need a constant income coming […]

Drawing of shadowy Institutional traders in front of trading desks.

4 Weapons Of Institutional Traders That You Literally Cannot Hide From


Battles have been won and lost simply on the ability of one side to hide really well. Even a superior enemy can’t take you out if they can’t find you (which is no coincidence why we are guerilla stock traders). Had the U.S. Army had Vietnamese seeking missiles, Vietnam would be a U.S. owned property. […]

Inphi Corporation stock chart shows a steadily rising large players volume.

Inphi Corporation Has Honey Badger Large Players



Tick chart

Institutional Buying and Selling Chart Called the TICK


The institutional buying and selling chart called the TICK lets us intelligently speculate on what institutional traders are doing. Institutional trading is highly secure and is a very guarded secret among institutional trading firms. The best amateur traders can do is to speculate on what institutional traders might be doing. Trading volume normally will spike […]

TICK institutional indicator shows rare box-top formation.

Rare Box-top Forms On TICK Chart


A rare box-top has formed on the TICK chart on September 28, 2017. TICK Chart Institutional traders may be making their usual sneaky moves this week. Quarterly expiration of options takes place on September 29, 2017 and then we also have window dressing going on. SOFI AI For Premium Members

Delta Airlines Stock Does Candle Over Candle Reversal



USANA Health Sciences Positive Divergence On Large Players Volume



Why Clovis Oncology Stock Plunge Didn’t Hurt Me, Did It You?


Clovis Oncology stock dropped -7% on Friday but I only took a very small loss in the trade, did you? You need to understand the Internet and what goes on with stock trades to protect yourself. First, I’ll show you why I was protected from larger traders targeting my position. Take a look at this […]

North Korea Nuclear Test and the Stock Market


The North Korea nuclear test over the long labor day weekend in the U.S. is exactly why we try and close out of all long positions over the weekend news cycle. Sunday’s nuclear test by North Korea had an estimated strength of 50 kilotons which is 3x larger than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima […]

I’m Not Buying: Shorting the Dead Cat Bounce


I’m not buying that the pull back in markets is over so I’m taking out some insurance by going long TWM in my personal trading account. Looking at the chart of low volatility safe stocks versus risk-on high beta stocks really puts today’s price action into perspective IMO: Today’s up day doesn’t even register on […]