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Swing Trading With The SPHB:SPLV Chart


The SPHB:SPLV ratio chart is showing a compelling setup for small cap stocks. The SPHB:SPLV ratio chart tracks high volatility (high beta with tendency to be small cap) stocks to low volatility (tendency to be large cap) stocks. This ratio chart is another barometer for the risk on versus risk off trade. In a risk Read More »

Jim Rogers Doom Predictions Are Nothing New


Jim Rogers recently claimed that he was expecting the worst market crash in modern times to hit within the next two years. Mainstream and alternative news sites are acting as if what Jim said is really alarming. It’s not. Jim Rogers said the next time we have an economic problem in the US it’s going Read More »

Can I Just Say It, Autonomous Driving Is Stupid To Average Consumers


Autonomous driving is dumb. In my surveys of asking family members and friends, there’s a whole ZERO percent interest in autonomous self-driving cars. Most Americans don’t even want a chip on a credit card let alone a car that drives itself. Technology companies think they are smarter than consumers. Tech companies believe that once they Read More »

Microeconomics and Taxation


Most government revenue comes from the taxation of transactions and labor. Taxes impact both the supply and demand curves. Taxes cause a buyer to pay more for something and suppliers to receive less. The loss of value for both buyers and sellers is called the deadweight loss of taxation. Taxation has an enormous impact on Read More »

Fed Puts Markets On Notice For Rate Hike


Fed’s Eric Rosengren was clear in his speech early Friday that rates need to be raised. Mr. Rosengren said that if we don’t raise rates soon, we could crash the economy. Mr. Rosengren said, “A failure to continue on the path of gradual removal of accommodation could shorten, rather than lengthen, the duration of this Read More »

Shopping Center Carnage: $47.5 Billion In Loans Coming Due


The second-biggest US mall owner General Growth Properties defaulted last month when a $144 million loan on a property came due. The default by General Growth Properties could be a sign of troubles to come. [graphiq id=”koC9fbUh0X3″ title=”General Growth Properties Inc. (GGP)” width=”440″ height=”553″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/koC9fbUh0X3″ link=”http://listings.findthecompany.com/l/31679019/General-Growth-Properties-Inc-in-Chicago-IL” link_text=”General Growth Properties Inc. (GGP) | FindTheCompany” ] A Read More »