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Saturday Show For Week of November 27 2017


The weekly Saturday night financial show attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators.

US dollar chart plunged after FOMC announcement on July 26, 2017.

FOMC Announcement Pushed US Dollar Down Big Time


The dollar did a big drop today after the FOMC announcement left rates unchanged. The Federal Reserve said the reduction of the balance sheet will begin relatively soon. I think relatively soon means September 2017. The Fed seemed to indicate that “gradual” policy tightening will continue. The Federal Reserve will begin winding down the stimulus Read More »

bitcoin meme

Yellen Bitcoin Trolled In Testimony Before Congress


Yellen got bitcoin trolled in her testimony before Congress. A man held up a “Buy Bitcoin” sign in back of Yellen as she was speaking. The unidentified bitcoin troll, whose stunt was visible on television, was removed from the hearing room. Holding up a sign violates the House committee’s rules. I created the bitcoin meme Read More »

Janet Yellen Testimony Economy Strong Enough For Rate Hikes


The US economy is healthy enough to absorb gradual rate increases and the reduction of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, Fed Chair Janet Yellen testimony before Congress on July 12, 2017. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told Congress on Wednesday that the bank hopes to keep raising a key interest rate and also intends to Read More »

Fed Balance Sheet

One Does Not Reduce $4.5T Fed Balance Sheet in Background, Like Paint Drying


One does not simply reduce a $4.5 trillion Fed balance sheet in the background, you know, like watching paint dry. Janet Yellen a.k.a Lady Strange, did not disappoint with her carefully crafted words so as not to pop the stock market bubble. Fed Balance Sheet Reduction Plan The Fed plans to reduce reinvestments in Treasuries Read More »

How Not Following the Consumer Price Index Makes You a Rookie


Something important happened on the Consumer Price Index today and if you’re not following it, you’re a rookie. Don’t be a rookie. Listen to what the CPI is saying. Consumer Price Index Is Saying Fed Should Not Raise Rates A common theme that you will continue to hear me drive home is that the economy Read More »

Keep Current Interest Rates Low Yellen

Why Current Interest Rates Could Help Get Yellen Fired


President Trump told Janet Yellen he thinks she’s a low interest rate person like himself according to a CNBC report (link above). Yellen has been raising current interest rates and so I’m thinking the President is less likely to keep her on-board when her term expires in February 2018. Citing a Wall Street Journal article, Read More »

Stock Market Crash 2017 Brewing


Before you dismiss this as just another gold/silver bug predicting gloom and doom so that they can profit, consider Caterpillar’s recent announcement that they are closing their Chicago plant and cutting 800 jobs along with it. Caterpillar make’s large construction equipment and they’ve been struggling for a few years now. How can the companies that Read More »

Saturday Night Show: Janet Yellen Rate Hike While Pension Plans Going Broke


Help us spread the word about the growing conservative America first movement. We’re reaching thousands, help us reach millions by sharing this show with your family and friends. A weekly Saturday financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of fundamental and technical charts. This week’s Read More »

Here Comes Inflation FINALLY! Traders Focus On Earnings


We have enough data to say that inflation is finally trending higher. In case you are wondering why inflation moving higher is important, please review this. The less volatile sticky CPI confirms the uptrend. ObamaCare has exploded the cost of medical care higher. Medical care commodities, which are prescription and non-prescription Read More »

Traders Remember David Hume, It’s Not All Yellen


I’ve been asking traders what causes low-interest rates. The consensus is that the Federal Reserve is what causes low-interest rates. That is not entirely true and believing that could be harmful to your trading account. Some 250 years ago, David Hume was the very first economist to explain what causes low-interest rates. The three things Read More »

Low Interest Rates Making All The Difference


Falling profit margins typically precede a recession. Last week, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released the latest profit margin numbers that clearly point to an oncoming recession. Notice how the last two recessions (shaded areas) came within six months of a -20% change from a year ago (red line). The only thing that is different Read More »