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Janet Yellen Testimony Economy Strong Enough For Rate Hikes


The US economy is healthy enough to absorb gradual rate increases and the reduction of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, Fed Chair Janet Yellen testimony before Congress on July 12, 2017. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told Congress on Wednesday that the bank hopes to keep raising a key interest rate and also intends to Read More »

Corporate Tax Revenue By Year Is Down Suggesting Economy Is Weakening


If the economy is booming tax revenues rise as companies generate greater revenue, resulting in them paying more in taxes. If the market is rolling over, the effectiveness of corporate taxation drops as companies close up shop and stop paying taxes. Corporate Tax Revenue By Year Shows Economy is Rolling Over In 2014 tax revenues Read More »

United States Economy Teetering On Collapse


The United States economy is teetering, despite what the stock and job markets are saying. The US economy is consumption-centric. Growth in the current recovery has focused on three sectors that have fed through to consumption in its various forms: autos, energy, and financial services. The scariest set of financial indicators to emerge in decades Read More »

Interest Rate Policy May Be Too Tight As Evidenced By Inflation


The Federal Reserve shouldn’t be tightening policy with the evidence so clear that it’s falling well short of its inflation mandate. The interest rate policy is wrong because their math is wrong. Right now the Fed’s inflation goal is 2 percent. Why so low? Fed rate hikes are keeping inflation too low and possibly will Read More »

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Now Has Competition For China Mainland Stocks



Stock Market Correction

You Haven’t Seen This Stock Market Correction Logic on Bloomberg


You will not see this stock market correction logic from AMTV (link above) in the mainstream financial media. Christopher Greene thinks that a stock market crash of a lifetime is coming soon. We are in a bubble today that is far worse than the technology bubble in 1999 and the real estate bubble in 2007. Read More »

Bear Market Coming If Trump Agenda Does Not Move Forward


A bear market is coming if President Trump’s agenda does not move forward quickly. I have been saying for months now that the Federal Reserve is hiking rates not because we are in a strong economy that needs cooling off but instead to save pension fund holders and others who depend on the income generated Read More »

Emerging Markets ETFs Money Flows In, US Money Flows Out


Emerging markets ETFs made out big time for the month of May. A whopping $23 billion went into international equity ETFs while $1.6 billion was pulled out of US equity ETFs in May according to a report by ETF (link above). The main reason investors are doing this is because of valuations. The U.S. equity Read More »

Stock Market Forecast For Week of December 19 2016


A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators. This week’s show includes commentary on the Fed’s first and only rate hike in 2016, Eli Lilly’s long-acting Basal Insulin that’s now available in the US, takeover rumors circulating Read More »

When Will the Stock Market Crash?


When I expressed caution to a trader last week and that the market exists to ruin the greatest number of amateur traders at any given time, the trader replied I don’t believe that. Another trader I expressed caution to about this market told me I have to just ride the wave higher. Folks, your goal Read More »