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S&P 500 Market Prediction Spot On, Getting More Bullish


The S&P 500 market prediction was spot on from last week. The market closed the week flat right on top of the green drawn prediction line from last week as seen in the chart below. I look at a lot of indicators and I ponder if that indicator supports or contradicts the move on the Read More »

Nasdaq Advance Decline Gives Swing Long Buy Signal


The Nasdaq Advance Decline ratio chart gave a swing long buy signal on Friday, August 25, 2017. The Advance Decline ratio chart shows the number of stocks that advance in value to the number of stocks that decline in value over a given time period. An increasing advance decline ratio signals a bullish trend while Read More »

No Institutional Selling Detected Last Week


No institutional selling was detected by the TICK chart last week. This is an important fact as it applies to your trading psychology. The TICK chart above is through the close of last Thursday and the big sell off on that day. Notice that the -167 at the close is consistent with normal retail trader Read More »

In stock market corrections, the Russell 2000 usually leads the other major indices lower.

Stock Market Correction and Waiting To Click The Buy Button


The stock market correction is likely going to push the S&P 500 to test its long-term rising trendline and support at 232.20. The bearish divergence on the Twiggs Money Flow likely signals that the pull back is not over yet. A few traders have asked me if now is the time to buy or if Read More »

What is Dow Theory Saying Now? It Is Screaming Buy!


So what is Dow Theory saying now? It is saying that the eight-year Bull market is still going strong. The Dow Jones Transports Average did a breakout on the chart this week. What is Dow Theory Saying Now Dow Transports are in a strong uptrend right now and have done a breakout to an all-time Read More »

Heavy Buying In Cincinnati Bell



Amazon Stock Price Moving Higher As Monopoly Expands



Jim Rogers Doom Predictions Are Nothing New


Jim Rogers recently claimed that he was expecting the worst market crash in modern times to hit within the next two years. Mainstream and alternative news sites are acting as if what Jim said is really alarming. It’s not. Jim Rogers said the next time we have an economic problem in the US it’s going Read More »

Bear Market Coming If Trump Agenda Does Not Move Forward


A bear market is coming if President Trump’s agenda does not move forward quickly. I have been saying for months now that the Federal Reserve is hiking rates not because we are in a strong economy that needs cooling off but instead to save pension fund holders and others who depend on the income generated Read More »

Stock Market News Update

Stock Market News Update For Week of June 12 2017


In this week’s stock market news update Lance talks about the Comey testimony, the huge 40% win in bitcoin in less than a week, and the Federal Reserve’s likely hike of interest rates next week. Stock Market News Update – All Eyes On Fed Meeting Next Week The Twiggs Money Flow looks weak on all Read More »