Beat Up Biotech Buying the Bottom For Turnaround In 2018

Many Biotech stocks are undervalued now thanks to the recent market pullback. Biotech investing will likely continue to be the best way to double your money in 2018.

With President Trump helping biotechnology companies get FDA approvals for new treatments faster, now seems to be a perfect time to take advantage of this sector’s coming growth surge.

This beat up biotech stock will likely turnaround and make investors who bought the bottom a lot of money by the end of 2018.

BioLife Solutions and SAVSU Technologies Expand Partnership

BioLife Solutions stock is in a Symmetrical Triangle pattern as the company makes big moves in the biotechnology shipping container space.

BioLife Solutions management is making some big and bold moves with SAVSU Technologies.
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Motif Bio’s Antibiotic Resistant Drug and Stock Turnaround

Motif Bio stock is a high risk, high reward gambit on iclaprim, an antibiotic drug that can kill antibiotic resistant bacteria.


  • Motif Bio has developed a bacteria killer using a new approach that could help the drug overcome antibiotic resistance.
  • Iclaprim had solid Phase 3 trial data that demonstrated non-inferiority for all primary endpoints.
  • Large players volume is rising.
  • This is a high, risk high reward gambit.
  • AtriCure Stock Basing Pattern On Rising Large Players Volume

    AtriCure stock shows an incredible positive divergence between large players volume and price. This basing pattern while large players volume is rising is the textbook pattern every trader should be screening for.


  • Huge positive divergence between large players volume and the price of AtriCure stock.
  • AtriCure is expanding into a $3 billion per year global market.
  • Pipeline data should allow for expansion into markets.
  • Reata Pharmaceuticals Stock Has Heavy Insider Buying

    Reata Pharmaceuticals stock has heavy insider buying after positive phase 2 trial results on its drug bardoxolone.

    Reata Pharmaceuticals stock has seen heavy insider buying over the last couple of months. Check out these insider buys coming from the Director and a major shareholder.

    MiMedx Group Stock Bull Flag Pattern On Drama Short Squeeze Battle

    MiMedx Group stock is a short squeeze candidate with the company in a public battle with short sellers. A whopping 40 percent of the float is short setting up a short squeeze trade.


  • MiMedx Group is in a public battle with short sellers like Citron Research.
  • The stock is a short squeeze candidate with 40% of the float short with a days to cover metric of 21.4.
  • MiMedx Group stock is in a Bull Flag pattern inside a large continuation pattern.
  • The company has excellent growth and profitability metrics.
  • Mallinckrodt Stock Oversold Value Play On Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Buyout

    Mallinckrodt stock is a deeply oversold value play on a company that is working to turnaround its business.


  • Mallinckrodt announced the acquisition of Sucampo Pharmaceuticals for $2.1 billion.
  • Mallinckrodt stock is deeply oversold after missing on revenue and a U.S. District Court recently invalidating 11 patents covering its second-largest product Inomax.
  • The company has maintained good revenue growth over the last 3 years.
  • Illumina Stock Pocket Pivot On Rising Large Players Volume

    Illumina stock has a positive divergence between large players volume and price while the company’s sales to China are exploding higher.


  • Positive divergence on large players volume.
  • Bullish pocket pivot signal.
  • Wedge breakout on Hammer candlestick.
  • Medidata Solutions Stock Surging Large Players Volume On Bullish Hammer

    Medidata Solutions stock has a beautiful rising large players volume plot while the stock does a double bottom test. The speed up of FDA approvals in order to lower drug prices should benefit this company.

    Medidata Solutions stock has surging large players volume on a bullish hammer candlestick.

    Aeterna Zentaris Rising Large Players Volume On PDUFA Play

    Aeterna Zentaris stock is a short-term play on the PDUFA date of December 30, 2017. The gambit is that the company will get FDA approval of Macrilen.

    Aeterna Zentaris stock has rising large players volume as the PDUFA date of December 30, 2017 fast approaches.