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North Korea Nuclear Test and the Stock Market


The North Korea nuclear test over the long labor day weekend in the U.S. is exactly why we try and close out of all long positions over the weekend news cycle. Sunday’s nuclear test by North Korea had an estimated strength of 50 kilotons which is 3x larger than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima Read More »

I’m Not Buying: Shorting the Dead Cat Bounce


I’m not buying that the pull back in markets is over so I’m taking out some insurance by going long TWM in my personal trading account. Looking at the chart of low volatility safe stocks versus risk-on high beta stocks really puts today’s price action into perspective IMO: Today’s up day doesn’t even register on Read More »

In stock market corrections, the Russell 2000 usually leads the other major indices lower.

Stock Market Correction and Waiting To Click The Buy Button


The stock market correction is likely going to push the S&P 500 to test its long-term rising trendline and support at 232.20. The bearish divergence on the Twiggs Money Flow likely signals that the pull back is not over yet. A few traders have asked me if now is the time to buy or if Read More »

B2Gold Corp Testing Symmetrical Triangle Resistance



Trump’s a Little Crazy… What Happens When He Sees Pics of Otto Warmbier


One thing that Syria has taught us, President Trump gets a little crazy when he sees pictures of horrible things on TV. The latest horrible thing is American Otto Warmbier died after being imprisoned by North Korea. CNN reports our favorite war-monger John McCain says North Korea murdered Otto Warmbier (link above). I have to Read More »

China Is Not a Friend of the United States


How stupid do you have to be to think that China is a friend of the United States? South Korea and the U.S. were carrying out their usual joint military exercises in the region and so North Korea violated international law and launched four ballistic missiles on Monday in response. North Korea just figured out Read More »