Stupid Move Of The Week Winner

When I first began trading, I lost $10,000 in a penny stock. The stock was Plasticon (PLNI) and it was a fraud and the SEC moved in to stop the scam. It taught me a horrible but valuable lesson: never buy an OTCBB or pink sheet stock. Practically every week for the last 20 years, […]

Millionaire Day Trader

Can I still be a millionaire day trader by the time I’m 50? At the time I first started stock trading in 1994, I started in mutual funds. I did not have much. I kept putting in a tiny bit of money each month from my day job to my stock trading account and when […]

Surviving With Only $200 In Your Trading Account

I was wiped out from a stupid pink sheet penny stock scam and was down to my last $200. I managed to come back from that dark time. Now I’m going to teach you to do the same. With only $200 in your account, commissions eat up a huge percentage. That is why you can’t […]

What happens to my stock if company files for uplisting?


A hold shares in an OTCBB stock. The company is filing for a listing on the NASDAQ. What will happen to my existing shares and will they be automatically transitioned to the NASDAQ? Yes. Traders call this a jumper. Your shares will gain in value and they will automatically start trading on the NASDAQ. If […]