Beat Up Biotech Buying the Bottom For Turnaround In 2018

Many Biotech stocks are undervalued now thanks to the recent market pullback. Biotech investing will likely continue to be the best way to double your money in 2018.

With President Trump helping biotechnology companies get FDA approvals for new treatments faster, now seems to be a perfect time to take advantage of this sector’s coming growth surge.

This beat up biotech stock will likely turnaround and make investors who bought the bottom a lot of money by the end of 2018.

BioLife Solutions and SAVSU Technologies Expand Partnership

BioLife Solutions stock is in a Symmetrical Triangle pattern as the company makes big moves in the biotechnology shipping container space.

BioLife Solutions management is making some big and bold moves with SAVSU Technologies.
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AbbVie Stock Chart Shows Pocket Pivot Cluster On FDA Breakthrough Therapy

Abbvie stock is a good long-term buy and hold on a “dream-team” pipeline of phase 3 trials.


  • AbbVie just received breakthrough therapy designation from the FDA for JAK1 inhibitor.
  • The company has a robust pipeline of drugs in phase 3 trials.
  • Over the last 5 years, revenue has been growing by 8.21% per year.
  • AbbVie stock has a bullish pocket pivot cluster with positive Twiggs Money Flow.
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