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Results: 9% in 12 Days

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Mainstream Financial News


US Economy So Bad Many Retailers Won’t Make It To Next Holiday Season

A tsunami retail store closings is headed our way courtesy of the weak US economy and pathetic 2% GDP growth. I thought Democrats did such a good job with the economy… NOT!

The CEO of EBAY just got done saying on CNBC, “I’m not sure all retailers will make it to the next holiday season.”

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Big 5 Sporting Goods Wedge Breakout On Heavy Institutional Buying

March 5, 2017: Big 5 Sporting Goods has formed a wedge breakout pattern on heavy institutional investors buying. The 3-month change in institutional investor ownership is an incredible 64.69%.

The company is currently paying a nice dividend of 3.88%.

February 28, 2017: Big 5 Sporting Goods met analysts estimates by reporting Q4 EPS of $0.35 (Read More….)

Insider Buying In Oversold The Container Store

February 12, 2017: Insider buying was detected in The Container Store last week. The Container Store is in oversold territory after reporting an earnings and revenue miss on February 7, 2017. The company reported Q3 EPS of $0.11 versus the $0.13 estimate. Revenue also missed coming in at $216.4 million versus the $224 million estimate. (Read More….)

B. Riley Reiterates Buy Rating On Oxford Industries, Price Target $74

January 10, 2017: B. Riley reiterates a Buy rating on Oxford Industries and sets a price target of $74.

At ICR conference, Oxford Industries executive said, “Looking at balance of December, what we saw from traffic and top line was consistent with expectations. I believe we have the opportunity for judicious door growth in (Read More….)

Boot Barn Testing Uptrend Support

January 7, 2017: Boot Barn is testing uptrend line support.

Boot Barn Stock Chart

Boot Barn is the nation’s leading lifestyle retailer of western and work-related footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

StockTwits STWT.Widget({container: ‘stocktwits-widget-news’, symbol: ‘BOOT’, width: ‘640’, height: ‘800’, limit: ’15’, scrollbars: ‘true’, streaming: ‘true’, style: {link_color: ‘4871a8’, (Read More….)

Hearing Takeover Rumors Circulating About Wayfair

December 16, 2016: Hearing takeover rumors circulating about Wayfair. The rumor is that Lowes is a possible buyer at a price of $55 per share.

November 30, 2016: Wayfair reports that direct retail sales rose 52% year over year during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Direct retail gross sales are defined as dollars of order intake. (Read More….)

Cherokee Testing Horizontal Breakout After Roth Capital Buy Rating

December 13, 2016: Roth Capital reiterates a Buy rating on Cherokee and sets a price of target $18. Cherokee stock is testing horizontal resistance at $11.75 area.

December 8, 2016: Cherokee reports Q3 EPS of +$0.08 versus the -$0.02 estimate. Revenue missed coming in at $6.5 million versus the $8 million estimate. On October 29, (Read More….)

Insider Buying In Spark Energy

Spark Energy has had heavy insider buying over the last few weeks. The Director Maxwell W Keith III bought $273,564 worth of stock on November 23, 2016. Two days earlier, on November 21, 2016, Vice President and General Counsel Melman Gil bought $14,922 worth of stock.

Spark Energy operates as an independent retail energy services (Read More….)

Stocks With Bullish Money Flow 11-22-16

Stocks with a positive divergence between the money flow and price for November 22, 2016. Tickers: TAST, HWKN, RETL, WLH.

Carrols Restaurant Group Stock Chart

Comments: Nobody knows why this stock is moving higher. Don’t like chasing stocks without a clear catalyst. Not saying one isn’t there, just not one that I’ve found. Could (Read More….)

Stock Market Prediction News For Week of October 10 2016

About 156K new jobs were added in September. The consensus was for 168K. The pace of job creation has slowed since last year, along with the U.S. economy. Friday’s September payrolls report of 156K new jobs was spun by Fed Vice Chair Fischer, as a “goldilocks” number, not too hot, not too cold.

I removed (

Terrifying US Pension Fund Charts

Pension funds in the US could be close to a collapse. There is an estimated $1.9 trillion shortfall in U.S. state and local pension funds because of low-interest rates and a sideways US stock market. Even stocks falling overseas is a problem for pension funds.

Credit Suisse published the chilling chart below on the funding (Read More….)

Mainstream Media Hyping Gasoline Savings Again

I just can’t get behind the idea that consumers are saving so much money at the pump that it’s going to be a boom for consumer spending. Savings at the pump boosting consumer spending is the same claim that the mainstream financial media has made for the last two years. The Wall Street Journal writes…

(

The Concentration of Wealth Factor In Markets and Retail Sales

The internet is buzzing about the latest Retail Sales report that shows a gradual slowdown in consumer spending. The buzz centers around the question of how can the S&P 500 be hitting all-time highs when retail sales continue to trend downward?

Some are speculating that the Democrat and Republican Establishments are working together to (Read More….)

New Job Hiring Slowdown Is Emerging

Traders continue to pile into stocks on the jobs report for June that showed 287,000 jobs created. The mainstream financial media is running with the 287,000 jobs created headline number, but is this the entire jobs market picture?

Below is the 3-month rolling average of non-farm payrolls.

In other words, when we zoom (

287K Jobs: Something Is Rotten In the US

The non-farm payrolls number came in at an incredible 287,000 jobs created in June. The shocking June non-farm payrolls report has some serious problems though that seem to suggest it could be fake.

I’m betting that the next jobs report in August will show a big downward revision.

Chart Source:

Something seems sort (

Shopping Center Carnage: $47.5 Billion In Loans Coming Due

The second-biggest US mall owner General Growth Properties defaulted last month when a $144 million loan on a property came due. The default by General Growth Properties could be a sign of troubles to come.

[graphiq id=”koC9fbUh0X3″ title=”General Growth Properties Inc. (GGP)” width=”440″ height=”553″ url=”″ link=”” link_text=”General Growth Properties Inc. (GGP) | FindTheCompany” ]

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Bubble On S&P 500 Could Pop From Minimum Wage Hikes

Across the country, the minimum wage is being raised. In 15 cities, across five different states, minimum wage increases went into effect on July 1, 2016.

Minimum wage increases are bad for the economy because they will result in fewer people having jobs.

In August of 2015, I did an economic video lesson on what (Read More….)

Massive Layoffs In Retail Sector Bad News For Economy

Ralph Lauren was the latest big brand name consumer company to announce layoffs, saying on Tuesday that it was looking to cut about 1,200 jobs or 8% of its full-time work force.

Macy’s announced in January of 2016 that it would cut over 4,000 jobs and close 36 stores because of a poor (Read More….)