4 Weapons Of Institutional Traders That You Literally Cannot Hide From

Battles have been won and lost simply on the ability of one side to hide really well. Even a superior enemy can’t take you out if they can’t find you (which is no coincidence why we are guerilla stock traders). Had the U.S. Army had Vietnamese seeking missiles, Vietnam would be a U.S. owned property.
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Disney Considering Buying Most of 21st Century Fox

Rumors are flying today that Disney is looking to purchase most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, giving it a competitive advantage in content production.

According to rumors, Walt Disney Company has been holding high level talks with 21st Century Fox to buy most of its assets. The rumor comes from this article on CNBC.


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Stock Market Prediction Show For the Week of December 12 2016

A weekly Saturday night show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators.

This week’s show features Trump’s comments about bringing down drug prices, the incredible trial results from Bellicum Pharmaceuticals that cured all 35 children in the trial, takeover rumors surrounding Depomed, Hooker Furniture crushing earnings and revenue estimates, the candle over candle reversal on Cytosorbents after they received a new reimbursement code from Germany, Volaris candle over candle reversal after they announced a new flight route called Volaris Costa Rica, Calavo Growers candle over candle reversal after receiving a Buy rating from Vertical Group, and more.