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IWM market prediction chart update for 9-28-2017.

Russell 2000 Market Prediction Update For 9-28-2017


The Russell 2000 crushed the market prediction path and exploded higher this week on Republican’s tax plan. The idea is that small cap stocks are mostly domestic companies that are less able to take advantage of tax loop-holes and so they are the companies that will benefit the most from tax cuts. Russell 2000 Market Read More »

Russell 2000 Index prediction shows market down week ending September 29, 2017

Russell 2000 Index Prediction Signals Pullback Coming


The Russell 2000 index prediction was very accurate last week as the Russell followed the predicted path (green line) very closely last week as seen in the chart below. The Russell 2000 is predicted to pullback next week and retest its $140.89 support level by mid-October. Sometime in late October, we will be looking at Read More »

Russell 2000 Ichimoku Chart Warning Signal


The Ichimoku Cloud chart of the Russell 2000 has given a warning signal. The Tenkan-sen (blue line) is making a serious test of the Kijun-sen (red line) for the first time in 2017. Notice how the Russell 2000 bounced down off of the Kijun-sen (red line) last week. If this 1400 level is not taken Read More »

In stock market corrections, the Russell 2000 usually leads the other major indices lower.

Stock Market Correction and Waiting To Click The Buy Button


The stock market correction is likely going to push the S&P 500 to test its long-term rising trendline and support at 232.20. The bearish divergence on the Twiggs Money Flow likely signals that the pull back is not over yet. A few traders have asked me if now is the time to buy or if Read More »

First Bancshares Rising Large Players Volume on Earnings Beat



Stock Market Technical Analysis Blog For 6-15-2017


The stock market technical analysis blog posts a market update for June 15, 2017. The S&P 500 is holding up better than the Nasdaq and Russell 2000. Being that both these markets usually lead the S&P 500 higher, it’s a divergence that traders should take notice of. Stock Market Technical Analysis Blog In today’s video Read More »

Russell 2000 Index Fund Headfake to the Upside


The Russell 2000 index fund IWM has broken down once again after a lot of traders got excited with the strong move up last week. It was a massive headfake that burned a lot of traders. So wicked. So evil. Russell 2000 Index Fund That headfake is just wrong on so many levels. This is Read More »

Don’t Double Down On Wrong Prediction, Just Move On


Whether we are talking about individual stocks, the stock market, or the economy, when you’re wrong just admit it and then move on. The goal is to make money, not to be right 100% of the time so you can stroke your ego. AM TV and Peter Schiff predicted that the Federal Reserve could not Read More »

Small Cap Stocks Will Outperform In a Trump Administration


Small cap stocks are the place to be in a Trump Administration. Trump’s economic policies will negatively impact large multinational corporations like Apple. Small cap stocks are all about domestic companies. Small cap stocks generate most of their profits inside the US, exactly where Trump’s economic agenda is targeting. Since Election Day, small cap stocks Read More »