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North Korea Nuclear Test and the Stock Market


The North Korea nuclear test over the long labor day weekend in the U.S. is exactly why we try and close out of all long positions over the weekend news cycle. Sunday’s nuclear test by North Korea had an estimated strength of 50 kilotons which is 3x larger than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima […]

I’m Not Buying: Shorting the Dead Cat Bounce


I’m not buying that the pull back in markets is over so I’m taking out some insurance by going long TWM in my personal trading account. Looking at the chart of low volatility safe stocks versus risk-on high beta stocks really puts today’s price action into perspective IMO: Today’s up day doesn’t even register on […]

Sanctions against Russia target Russian pipeline projects.

US Economic Sanctions Against Russia Brings In Germany


The most recent US economic sanctions against Russia has angered our ally Germany. The planned new US sanctions are set to hit German and European companies which have business interests in Russia. The German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries asked the European Commission to consider countermeasures against the United States for increasing sanctions against Russia that […]

Russia Expels US Diplomats As Congress Brings US Closer to War


Russia expels US diplomats in retaliation for Congress increasing sanctions against Russia last week. Let’s just get it out of the way. Congress is stupid. Congress can’t act to help Americans who are suffering under a collapsing ObamaCare. Congress can’t help out Americans who are paying too much in taxes. Congress can’t even act to […]

Democrats Shutdown Senate Russia Investigation, Not a Surprise


Democrats have abruptly shutdown a Russia Senate investigation panel. I wrote that this was a likely outcome of Republicans calling for an investigation into Democrats here. Democrats do not want an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the money she accepts from Russia through the Clinton Foundation nor the big tech companies that got work inside […]

Gold Price Forecast of $1500 For First Time Since 2013



Trump Investigation Meme

Trump Investigation But Where’s the Investigation Into Democrats?


Democrats and the mainstream media are now pushing for the Trump investigation to divert to his son-in-law Jared Kushner because he bought part of the old New York Times building from a Soviet-born tycoon Lev Leviev. Like I told you, Robert Mueller as former head of the FBI, is not impartial. He’s part of the […]

CNN Admits Trump Russia Stories Are Fake News, All About Ratings


A CNN producer is caught on hidden camera admitting that so called “news” about Russia ties to the Trump Administration are fake news and are really all about ratings. I said months ago on a Saturday show that the whole Russia thing was fake news. Either a real stupid YouTuber or a democrat operative posted […]

Maxine Waters Employment Disclosure Reveals Ties To Russia


Maxine Waters went on Democrat controlled media outlets to champion the idea that Trump should be impeached because of his ties to Russia but Maxine Waters employment disclosure reveals she has ties of her own that she doesn’t want to talk about. Maxine Waters has done speeches calling for the impeachment of President Trump on […]

Secretary of State working to restore Russia US relations as Russia defends the US after Merkel's comments.

Secretary of State Ordered To Rebuild US Russia Relations


The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been ordered by President Trump to work on rebuilding relations between the U.S. and Russia. Secretary of State Revelation at New Zealand Prime Minister Meeting Rex Tillerson revealed that he has been tasked with the job of repairing relations with Russia. Mr. Tillerson said, “The President has been […]