Saudi Arabia Yemen Blame Iran Game Begins

Who didn't predict that coming within minutes of the drone attack on Saudi Arabia oil fields? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Iran is responsible for the drone attacks on
Oil price chart.

Oil Prices and What Traders Should Know

Oil markets continued to fall Friday as persistent concerns about a glut in global supply were affected by weaker economic conditions. Saudi Arabia, which doesn't want to take all the pain

Price of Oil Now That Qatar is Isolated

The price of oil now that Qatar is being cut-off should rise, at least that's what short-term oil swing traders are betting. Bloomberg reports that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United
Chart showing supply and demand lines crossing.

Macroeconomics of the OPEC Cartel

All the recent talk of an OPEC deal to push up the price of oil is nonsense. Here is a hypothetical supply and demand chart of oil. In this hypothetical