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Russell 2000 stock chart

Staying In Cash As We Hit Midterm Elections


The Russell 2000 went sideways today and we still do not have the +DI line crossing above the -DI line: Continue to stay on the sidelines and in the safety of cash as we head into midterm elections tomorrow. Unfortunately we will probably have another day of choppy, directionless trading tomorrow as we wait for […]

Saturday Show For Week of November 27 2017


The weekly Saturday night financial show attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators.

Lance Jepsen on the Saturday Night Financial Show broadcast every Saturday night on YouTube.

Saturday Market Prediction Show For Week of November 13 2017


Put on your macroeconomics hat and hold on for a wild, brain-stimulating ride as Lance dives into the GDP formula and explains the President’s monumental speech at the Asia Economic Summit in Vietnam last week.

Drawing of shadowy Institutional traders in front of trading desks.

4 Weapons Of Institutional Traders That You Literally Cannot Hide From


Battles have been won and lost simply on the ability of one side to hide really well. Even a superior enemy can’t take you out if they can’t find you (which is no coincidence why we are guerilla stock traders). Had the U.S. Army had Vietnamese seeking missiles, Vietnam would be a U.S. owned property. […]

S&P 500 earnings are forecast to rise in 2018.

S&P 500 Earnings Rising, No Worries Until They Fall From Fed Hikes



Saturday stock market prediction show. Hosted by Lance Jepsen of GuerillaStockTrading.com

Saturday Market Prediction Show For Week of October 23 2017


A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators. Included are stocks that could trend higher over the coming days and weeks driven by strong catalysts or strong fundamentals. Help us spread the word about what stocks are […]

S&P 500 Watch Out For Headfake Going Into End of September!


The S&P 500 did a breakout today but I’m thinking it will turn into a headfake as the market goes down the week of September 25 – 29th. Be careful buying the S&P 500 because it did a breakout today. I’m thinking we get a sideways chop out for the rest of the week and […]

North Korea Nuclear Test and the Stock Market


The North Korea nuclear test over the long labor day weekend in the U.S. is exactly why we try and close out of all long positions over the weekend news cycle. Sunday’s nuclear test by North Korea had an estimated strength of 50 kilotons which is 3x larger than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima […]

Establishment Media Trying To Push The Stock Market Down


MarketWatch is REALLY trying to push the stock market down and Google has given them a prominent position in their search engine results to do just that. Check out what the search “stock market news” outputs from Google search: Whatever happened to the “fake news” filter Google was going to start using? Google features this […]

Stock Market Outlook For Week of July 17 2017


In this week’s stock market outlook for trading week of July 17, 2017, technology stocks and small caps did better this last week than what we’ve seen from previous weeks. I have to wonder though how much more Bulls can continue to dominate with the government only a few months away from running out of […]