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A Quick Guide To Penny Stocks for Dummies


It is imperative to understand the basics of penny stock trading before actually taking the plunge. If you are new to trading penny stocks and could use some pointers to help you along the way, then this quick guide to penny stocks for dummies will most certainly come in handy. Below are a few pointers Read More »

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Money Making Stocks On Short Squeezes


You probably have your criteria for what you like in a stock. You know mine. Small cap stocks between $300 million and $2 billion market cap, beta greater than 1.5, price under $10, and volume greater than 1 million. But there’s one more level that you may not even know about. I’m talking about the Read More »

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Swing Trading For A Living From Home


How hard is it to swing trade for a living from home? Swing trading for a living is easier than you might think. Swing trading strategies are not hard but you need to know what the right tools are and how to use them. With active swing trading where you need a constant income coming Read More »

CVD Equipment Corporation Pocket Pivot, Rising Large Players Volume



European Equity Fund Good Setup On Rising Large Players Volume



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Stock Screener For Pocket Pivots and Positive Divergences


I created a stock screener you can use to find pocket pivots and positive divergences between large players volume and stock price. The goal of this stock screener is to get ahead of big moves in stocks by finding ones that are chopping out or trading sideways while the large players volume and Twiggs Money Read More »

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Best Stock Screeners and a Mistake You Need To Avoid


What are the best stock screeners on the internet? I like Chartmill and Finviz. Click here to go to Finviz and create yourself a free account. Click here to go to Chartmill to create yourself a free account. I had to update my stock screener settings in Finviz because of CECO. CECO is a sweet Read More »