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Of Course Democrats Want Huge Tax Increases


Of course Democrats want huge tax increases. Tax increases cause expanding deadweight loss and ultimately contract economic growth. Democrats clearly want to crash the economy while President Trump is in office to make sure that he’s a one-term President only. President Trump pushed out on Twitter today that congressional Democrats “want MASSIVE tax increases & Read More »

SPX Market Prediction

S&P 500 Market Prediction Update 10-3-2017


I have updated the market prediction path for the S&P 500 after Warren Buffett exposed what’s going on with the trading psychology of the rich and powerful regarding Trump’s tax cut. You can read more about how the rich are trading Trump’s tax cut here. S&P 500 Market Prediction The prediction path is still sideways Read More »

Warren Buffett Let Cat Out of Bag On Why Rich Are Not Selling Stocks


Warren Buffett let the cat out of the bag today on why the rich and powerful are not selling stocks. Warren Buffett told CNBC today that he’s not selling and booking profits in his positions until he finds out what the capital gains tax rate will be under a Trump tax cut. Think about it. Read More »

IWM market prediction chart update for 9-28-2017.

Russell 2000 Market Prediction Update For 9-28-2017


The Russell 2000 crushed the market prediction path and exploded higher this week on Republican’s tax plan. The idea is that small cap stocks are mostly domestic companies that are less able to take advantage of tax loop-holes and so they are the companies that will benefit the most from tax cuts. Russell 2000 Market Read More »

Russell 2000 Index prediction shows market down week ending September 29, 2017

Russell 2000 Index Prediction Signals Pullback Coming


The Russell 2000 index prediction was very accurate last week as the Russell followed the predicted path (green line) very closely last week as seen in the chart below. The Russell 2000 is predicted to pullback next week and retest its $140.89 support level by mid-October. Sometime in late October, we will be looking at Read More »

Border Adjustment Tax DOA as Retailers and Traders Celebrate Victory


Republicans have officially given up on trying to pass a border adjustment tax to even the playing field with our trading partners. The Retail Industry Leaders Association celebrated the news and said they are now ready to get on-board with the President’s tax reform. The retail sector, and stock traders, won a significant victory Thursday Read More »

Trump US Dollar Trade Falls Apart As Investors Race For the Exit


Shortly after President Trump won the election in November of 2016, big money raced into the US dollar. The idea was that a new President with an America first agenda in which China would be labeled a currency manipulator had to be good for the US dollar. Lots of money raced into the US dollar Read More »

4 Stocks to Buy For Big Tax Cuts Coming End of Year or Next Year



Bear Market Coming If Trump Agenda Does Not Move Forward


A bear market is coming if President Trump’s agenda does not move forward quickly. I have been saying for months now that the Federal Reserve is hiking rates not because we are in a strong economy that needs cooling off but instead to save pension fund holders and others who depend on the income generated Read More »

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ADP National Employment Report Surprises, 253K Jobs Added In May


The ADP national employment report surprised to the upside which has ignited a stock market rally. The private sector employment report showed that 253,000 jobs were added in May. The estimate was for 185,000 jobs according to Reuters (link above). ADP National Employment Report Means June Fed Rate Hike Is On The ADP report is Read More »

Here Comes Supply-Side Economics and the Laffer Curve


Increases in government regulation, taxes, environmental regulations, and ObamaCare on businesses, shifted the aggregate supply (AS) curve inward and thus reduced aggregate demand (AD). With the explosion higher in the cost of doing business, businesses hired fewer workers. In fact, many small businesses reduced the size of their workforce in response to ObamaCare. Less hiring Read More »

Guess Who Is On Trump’s Economic Team, SWEET!


Do you remember when the WSJ, CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Reuters ran stories at the start of the year about how no one even knows who was advising Trump on economic matters? They even went as far to say that Trump had no support of any economists. That never sat right Read More »