Bad Market Lesson Trending Versus Trading Market

You need to be able to identify whether you are in a trending market or a trading market. The reason you need to be able to identify which of these two types of markets you are in is because each has its own set of trading rules. Trending Market In an upward trending market, the […]

How To Spot The Mind Blowing Trend Hidden In Oil

Urgent Update for anyone struggling to cash-in with stock trading: You already know “back-testing” is worthless in the real world of stock trading… How the Little-Known “Wisdom” Of A Former Floor Trader Is Quietly Making A Small Circle of Stock Traders Richer Than Rock Stars! Everyone wants to buy at a bottom and sell at […]

The Black Art Of Trend Trading

Trend Trading

Trend trading is about holding your positions for a long time, perhaps even for several months. To trend trade, you need to hold your position while the stock reacts against the main trend. Now no one is going to mail you an invitation to join the party when the stock takes off. When a trend […]