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LYG stock chart shows all moving averages have been broken above which is bullish.

Lloyds Banking Group Pocket Pivot Cluster On Credit Suisse Upgrade



An info graphic that shows the different leading economic reports Lance Jepsen tracks as they relate to the GDP. GDP has the reports ECRI Leading Index, stock market, and Yield Curve Spread. The C component of the GDP formula has Consumer Confidence, Retail Sales, and Home Sales. The I component of GDP formula has ISM Manufacturing Index. The G component of GDP formula has Treasury Report. The X minus M component of GDP formula has trade report.

Powerful Economics Case For Trumponomics


One of the reasons I began supporting Donald Trump and declared GuerillaStockTrading as an official supporter of the Trump candidacy had to do with economics and ultimately the stock market. The majority of people who are against Trump are not very smart when it comes to understanding international trade and macroeconomics. Donald Trump has nothing Read More »

US Banks To Be Decapitated If Brexit


If you are looking for a black swan event that could plunge the weak US economy into a full-blown recession, Brexit could be it. Big US banks have already taken brutal losses over the last year. Bank of America has more than $2.1 trillion in assets. Bank of Amerca’s stock has plunged -20% from a Read More »