Saturday Market Prediction Show For Week of November 13 2017

Put on your macroeconomics hat and hold on for a wild, brain-stimulating ride as Lance dives into the GDP formula and explains the President’s monumental speech at the Asia Economic Summit in Vietnam last week.

This week’s show features commentary on President Trump’s monumental speech at the Asia Economic Summit in Vietnam last week.

Folks, this speech from the President was bigger than all other stories combined.

I see clearly what the Trump Administration is doing because my economics teacher, Dr. Peter Navarro, was selected by President Trump to be director of the White House National Trade Council.
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GOP Fake Trump Email Being Critical of Fake News

I got this fake Trump email in my inbox today from the Republican party. First, read the email supposedly from President Trump and then I’ll explain why it’s fake. Note: Every CONTRIBUTE word below is actually a button in the email that links to a Republican website for processing donations.

Fake Trump Republican Email Blast Sent Out On 7/28/17

From: Donald J. Trump []
Subject: White Noise
Date: Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 1:45 PM


Can you believe it? I’ve been in office now for six months, fighting back against the liberals and their crony agenda for YOU — the Americans who have supported me through thick and thin.

DESPITE their endless lies and the flood of Fake News, we’ve accomplished so much already — all thanks to YOUR incredible support. Together we’ve brought back thousands of jobs, fought back against radical Islamic terrorists, and scrapped the CORRUPT globalist deals that drain our wallets and weaken America.

But the Washington status quo HATES what we’re doing. They’ve made a lot of money off of business as usual. And now they’re fighting back…

That’s why I’m turning to YOU as our end-of-month deadline approaches, Lance. We must end the month STRONG.







You voted me into office to focus on the issues – unlike the FAKE NEWS media which only cares about peddling phony stories and lies that our movement is losing support.

We can’t let the opposition gain any ground. We MUST show them that their hateful bullying hasn’t weakened our resolve to work together for this beautiful country you and I love.

I’m reaching out to you personally to help us crush this goal and show the failing “journalists” at CNN and all the other liberals that they’re nothing but Fake News and white noise.

They’ll try to attack us no matter what, but when we PROVE YET AGAIN that you — my loyal supporters — are still behind our movement, we will beat the clueless Democrats and the failing liberal news networks at their own game.

Help us crush our End-of-Month goal to show the opposition that you, the American people, stand behind our America First Agenda by contributing $100, $50, $35, $15 or even $5 today.


Donald J. Trump



Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

We believe this is an important way to reach our grassroots supporters with the most up-to-date information regarding the efforts of the Republican Party and President Trump, and we’re glad you’re on our team. It’s because of grassroots supporters like you that we will Make America Great Again, and we appreciate your support. Thank you for all that you do!

Why President Trump Didn’t Write This Email

Funny that an email being critical of fake news is itself a fake Trump email. It’s a fake fake thing.

Notice how well written the email is with proper grammar and punctuation. President Trump does not speak or write with college-level grammar and punctuation like this. President Trump has spent his life working in the business sector which strives to communicate at a 6th grade level so that commands are quick, clear, and concise. In the business world Trump comes from, anyone using the “King’s English” is told to communicate in simple, short, and direct terms at nothing higher than a 6th grade writing level. It’s impossible to suspend disbelief and actually believe that President Trump personally wrote this email.

Republican Party Sees Trump As a Marketing Ploy

The Republican party seems to be a bit weak on fundraising and marketing skills. They packaged Trump’s fake news and Twitter comments into a brand that they can raise money from. Reality check: the Republican party did everything it could to sabotage Trump’s run for office. They even made Trump sign a pledge that he wouldn’t go to the Independent party to which Trump signed the pledge and told them as long as they treat him fairly. The Republican party did not treat him fairly. The Republican Establishment used Fox News and Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly to launch attack after attack against then candidate Trump, likely at the bequest of the Bush family.

The Republican party stacked the audiences at the Presidential debates in favor of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. That is why the TV audience always heard cheers for Jeb and Rubio, and often boos for Trump. Audience stacking was psychological manipulation of the TV audience with the intent of giving the audience at home the impression that Trump lost each debate.

When Marco Rubio said bad things against Trump, the Republican mainstream media hardly reported it but when Trump said something against Rubio, Fox News and Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly went out of their way to report what Trump said and then use it to bash him. Only Sean Hannity’s program wasn’t involved in the blatant attempt to defeat Trump.

The Republican party set up PACS to defeat Trump. The Republican party did not financially help Trump until the very, very end of the campaign. The Republican party spent millions on helping other candidates. Trump had to go to the American people to ask for money and then he had to put up his own money. Basically the Republican party thinks you and I are stupid and that we have forgotten their despicable role in trying to defeat Trump.

The GOP has some nerve now trying to ask us for money.

The Republican Establishment Is to Blame For the Financial Crisis

The only reason that a socialist like Obama won the White House twice is that the public was outraged by President Bush’s stupid deregulation agenda that led to the unbridled pursuit of greed which led to the complete collapse of the global financial system. Also, Obama won because he was african-american and many hoped that the election of the first african-american president would improve race relations in this country. Obama and the people he appointed to office turned out to be a disaster for race relations in this country.

Everything that Obama did that has harmful to the private sector was the result of President Bush deregulating everything and everyone and allowing them to do whatever the heck they wanted. We had CC fraud, home mortgage fraud, investing fraud, banking fraud, education fraud, environmental fraud, and so on.

Don’t get me wrong. Democrats and Obama are to blame for what they did when they had the White House. Nevertheless, Bush and the Republican Establishment are to blame for Obama and Democrats getting into the White House in the first-place.

A Vote For Trump Was A Vote For Trump

A vote for Trump was not a vote for the Republican party. It was a vote for Trump. Sure, many people will vote for whoever a party puts forth as a candidate. But many people, myself included, refuse to be put into a prison where we have to vote for a candidate of a particular party. Many of us voted for Trump to drain the swamp and that includes ousting Republican and Democrat Establishment people.

The Republican party’s cheap trick at sending out a fake Trump email in order to raise money for the GOP, who tried to prevent Trump from getting in the White House in the first-place, must have been a hard pride-pill to swallow.

Most people voted for President Trump because they want better jobs and financial opportunities. We all know that the mainstream media (that includes Fox News) is a propaganda machine used by the rich and powerful. All this talk of fake news is silly, especially within the context of a fake Trump fund raising email.

What are your thoughts on the mass Republican spam email sent out this morning? Will you be donating? Leave your comments below.

Border Adjustment Tax DOA as Retailers and Traders Celebrate Victory

Republicans have officially given up on trying to pass a border adjustment tax to even the playing field with our trading partners. The Retail Industry Leaders Association celebrated the news and said they are now ready to get on-board with the President’s tax reform.
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Scaramucci Wall Street Axe As Crackdown On Obama Leftovers Begins

Scaramucci is one tough dude brought in as the axe to purge Obama leftovers from positions of power who are hell-bent on leaking information to the press in an attempt to discredit and derail the Trump agenda.

I called for a purging of Obama leftovers from deep-state positions months ago. President Trump acted really gullible IMO. I’m so tired of watching these amateur newbies like Trump who get elected to office and then are in some serotonin fantasy of everyone holding hands and singing kumbaya and just all getting along. It’s a stupid fantasy that I called out Trump on months ago.

Finally, President Trump seems to have learned the lesson through the school of hard knocks that he needs to purge the White House and all government offices of Obama leftovers that are trying their best to sabotage his agenda.

These Obama leftovers are some sick people with communist and socialist agendas. They have high levels of security clearance and can record telephone conversations and release those conversations to Democrat controlled mainstream media groups. They are waging a silent coup against the President using the full power of the deep-state.

The President brought in the axe Scaramucci who may even recommend the firing of Reince Priebus and any other Republican Establishment dude that’s not fully on-board with the President.

Scaramucci is carrying the full-anger of the President with him and that was put on display when he said he wanted to “kill” the leakers who are trying to sabotage the President’s America first agenda.

Scaramucci called in to CNN and really laid out what is going on with the leaks and how emotionally attached he is to solving the problem:

Sean Hannity of Fox News did this interview with Scaramucci a.k.a “the axe” and the purge that’s coming to the White House and government:

I don’t think traders and the stock market care too much about leaks. This is more of a national security issue than it is a stock market issue. We are seeing a delay of the President’s agenda as a result of saboteurs inside the deep-state which is likely resulting in the drop of the US dollar. However the market has mostly shrugged off Trump agenda delays believing that eventually the President will get control of the situation. I think that’s what Scaramucci represents for stock traders: President Trump regaining control of the situation.

Do you have any thoughts on Scaramucci? Leave your comments below.

Deep State Leaker Caught Sabotaging Trump White House

The first arrest of deep state operatives just happened with the arrest of Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old contractor with Pluribus International Corporation according to a report in Breitbart (link above). Reality Winner could just be the lower-level pawn given to appease the public.

deep state

The charges are that deep state operative Reality Winner printed a to-secret report for which she had no “need to know,” smuggled it out from an unnamed U.S. intelligence agency facility in Georgia, and later transmitted it to a left-leaning news site called The Intercept.

The Intercept is the same media group that employed writer Juan Thompson who created fake news about the tragedy at South Carolina’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Thompson wrote fake news stories about racist white southerners who were also Trump supporters. Thompson was later arrested for calling in threats to Jewish community centers. The mainstream media used these threats to create fake news stories that claimed Trump supporters were responsible for the threats against Jewish community centers.

What is the Deep State

A body of secretive people who Putin recently referred to as “the bureaucracy” who influence and blackmail influential members of government agencies or the military, with the goal of controlling government policy.

With the arrest of Winner it’s proven now that President Trump is being targeted by the deep state with the goal of getting him impeached IMO.

Trump Claiming Victory For Stock Market Is Actually a Bad Thing

Folks as traders we know better than anyone else that President Trump’s election has been great for the stock market. The problem is that President Trump has cited how the stock market has gone up by $3 trillion in value since his election. This has put a great big target on the stock market.

Powerful elites and crony capitalist CEO’s like Elon Musk that control a lot of money, now have a blueprint for how to take-down President Trump: take down the stock market.

President Trump only has a handful of Trump appointed officials working in government agencies. Most of the people working in government positions in the FBI, NSA, Department of Justice, are President Obama leftovers. This has created a dangerous situation of people who are not loyal to President Trump attempting to discredit and overthrow his administration at every chance they get.

We’ve already have had Michael Flynn spied on by the government and then that information was leaked to the mainstream media to discredit Michael Flynn and force him to resign. We’ve had the Obama Administration using the government to wiretap and spy on its political enemies in an attempt to discredit them. Now it seems like Flynn was told by establishment implants inside the White House that President Trump wanted him to resign when it turns out that President Trump never asked Michael Flynn to resign and he didn’t even know about Flynn’s resignation until after it happened!

President Trump needs to get his people in and the Obama traitors that are trying to sabotage his government out.

Folks the election of President Trump is not the end. It’s only the beginning. We are in a war with the globalist elite who want open borders, illegal immigration, and NAFTA and TPP like agreements at the expense of US workers.

People inside of the government are attempting a soft-coup inside the US. At some point the globalists will be using their immense wealth to take down the stock market. Now that President Trump is touting stock market behavior as a success, they will target the stock market to snatch that success away from President Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a company like Citadel “hacked” which results in a flash crash of the stock market to get the selling started.

President Trump has to get his people in government and Obama’s globalist folks out. This now should be Trump’s #1 priority. President Trump needs his people that he trusts in as many positions as possible.

Clintons NAFTA Helped Mexico At The Expense Of US Workers

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s NAFTA helped Mexico at the expense of US workers.
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Saudi Arabia Attackers Claim 35 Percent Of Oil Market

Saudi Arabia targeted the US oil market by increasing production and flooding US markets with cheap oil. The mainstream financial media was in denial that the Saudis would target the US energy sector.

In the early days of Saudi Arabia’s attack back in July of 2014, CNBC had numerous energy traders on that scoffed at the idea that Saudi Arabia was targeting the US shale industry.

Most people are still in denial about what Saudi Arabia did to this present day.

I recently had a discussion with a trader about how Obama and Democrats failed to protect US industry. The trader said, “You can’t lay all evils at the footsteps of the White House.” Really? Title 50 of the U.S. Code § 1541 gives the US President the power to declare war in the event of “a national emergency created by an attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.” I’m not suggesting that a proper response would have been to drop bombs on Saudi Arabia for their economic warfare against the US, but clearly, it is the President’s and Congresses job to protect our “possessions” and jobs.

Saudi Arabia Market Share

Saudi Arabia put thousands of US citizens out of work across the energy sector by dumping millions of barrels of cheap oil into our markets. Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil in other countries to offset some of their US losses.

According to new IEA data, Saudi Arabia now controls 34% of the entire oil market. FT writes

Middle Eastern producers now make up 34 percent of global output, pumping 31m barrels a day, according to IEA data. This is the highest proportion since 1975 when it hit 36 percent.

Now that oil is up +55% over the last five months imagine how much money Saudi Arabia is now making with 34% market share.


Saudi Arabia’s destruction of our oil shale industry was a success. Congratulations to Saudi Arabia for a well-played move against our dysfunctional bureaucracy. Let’s hope our next President and Congress are smarter than the current bunch in power.

Below is a brief history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia that traders should take a moment to review.

[graphiq id=”6YjIu3oYFA9″ title=”United States-Saudi Arabia Relations: A Brief History from Recognition to Post-9/11″ width=”440″ height=”744″ url=”″ link=”″ link_text=”United States-Saudi Arabia Relations: A Brief History from Recognition to Post-9/11 | Graphiq” ]