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Lance Jepsen on the Saturday Night Financial Show broadcast every Saturday night on YouTube.

Saturday Market Prediction Show For Week of November 13 2017


Put on your macroeconomics hat and hold on for a wild, brain-stimulating ride as Lance dives into the GDP formula and explains the President’s monumental speech at the Asia Economic Summit in Vietnam last week.

GOP Fake Trump Email Being Critical of Fake News


I got this fake Trump email in my inbox today from the Republican party. First, read the email supposedly from President Trump and then I’ll explain why it’s fake. Note: Every CONTRIBUTE word below is actually a button in the email that links to a Republican website for processing donations. Fake Trump Republican Email Blast Read More »

Border Adjustment Tax DOA as Retailers and Traders Celebrate Victory


Republicans have officially given up on trying to pass a border adjustment tax to even the playing field with our trading partners. The Retail Industry Leaders Association celebrated the news and said they are now ready to get on-board with the President’s tax reform. The retail sector, and stock traders, won a significant victory Thursday Read More »

Scaramucci Wall Street Axe As Crackdown On Obama Leftovers Begins


Scaramucci is one tough dude brought in as the axe to purge Obama leftovers from positions of power who are hell-bent on leaking information to the press in an attempt to discredit and derail the Trump agenda. I called for a purging of Obama leftovers from deep-state positions months ago. President Trump acted really gullible Read More »

Deep State Leaker Caught Sabotaging Trump White House


The first arrest of deep state operatives just happened with the arrest of Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old contractor with Pluribus International Corporation according to a report in Breitbart (link above). Reality Winner could just be the lower-level pawn given to appease the public. The charges are that deep state operative Reality Winner printed a Read More »

Trump Claiming Victory For Stock Market Is Actually a Bad Thing


Folks as traders we know better than anyone else that President Trump’s election has been great for the stock market. The problem is that President Trump has cited how the stock market has gone up by $3 trillion in value since his election. This has put a great big target on the stock market. Powerful Read More »

Clintons NAFTA Helped Mexico At The Expense Of US Workers


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s NAFTA helped Mexico at the expense of US workers. Economists against NAFTA in the 1990s warned everyone that all Mexico had to do was to devalue their currency to gain comparative advantage over the US for just about every product produced. The chart below shows Mexico has been devaluing their currency Read More »

Saudi Arabia Attackers Claim 35 Percent Of Oil Market


Saudi Arabia targeted the US oil market by increasing production and flooding US markets with cheap oil. The mainstream financial media was in denial that the Saudis would target the US energy sector. In the early days of Saudi Arabia’s attack back in July of 2014, CNBC had numerous energy traders on that scoffed at Read More »