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Saturday Show For Week of October 2 2017


A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of charts and technical indicators. The big takeaway from last week’s trading is just how powerful the underlying bullish sentiment on Wall Street really is.

The Statues and the Democrats and Black Leaders Ploy To Get Trump


The idea that America’s historic statues are something that is bad that must be removed is hardly more than psych-ops carried out by the Establishment powers and mainstream media. Diamond and Silk put the smack-down on this fake news event and prove that the whole thing is a bunch of nonsense:

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Stock Screener For Pocket Pivots and Positive Divergences


I created a stock screener you can use to find pocket pivots and positive divergences between large players volume and stock price. The goal of this stock screener is to get ahead of big moves in stocks by finding ones that are chopping out or trading sideways while the large players volume and Twiggs Money Read More »

Stock chart uptrending

Catalyst and Stock Trading Ideas Are What Will Make Or Break You


Stock trading ideas are the life-blood of profitable investing. It does not matter if you are a day trader, swing trader, or investor, coming up with ideas is where the money is at. All the greatest investors were master thinkers who came up with a good idea and then ran with it. Look at Others Read More »

Stock chart with rising large players volume and pocket pivot signal

Simple Swing Trading Strategy Using Large Players and Pocket Pivots


Are you ready for a simple swing trading strategy that uses large player volume and pocket pivots? The idea is to screen for pocket pivots and effective volume studies that show large players accumulating. You look for a positive divergence between large player volume and price and make sure the Twiggs Money Flow confirms the Read More »

Economic News: Economy is Rapidly Slowing


In an economic news report posted on YouTube (link above) by X22 Report, it cites how the average Millennial has less than $1,000 saved to buy a home. Not only do I think that’s true, I would add that the average Millennial has zero money saved for retirement. Economic News Forecasts Recession Most younger people Read More »

Stock Market Forecast For Week of December 19 2016


A weekly Saturday night financial show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of technical and fundamental indicators. This week’s show includes commentary on the Fed’s first and only rate hike in 2016, Eli Lilly’s long-acting Basal Insulin that’s now available in the US, takeover rumors circulating Read More »

Stock Market at All time Highs! Are We In a Giant BUBBLE?


With the stock market hitting all-time highs, everybody wants to know if we are in a giant bubble. You can’t trade and make money if you’re not in the market. If the fear that we are in a bubble is keeping you out, then you’re not making money. The honey badger doesn’t care. The honey Read More »

Stock Market Prediction Show For Week of December 5 2016


The weekly Saturday night show broadcast every Saturday night on YouTube. Know what to focus on and be prepared for what happens in the week ahead.

How Will Globalists Respond To Trump and The US


We know what Trump is bringing to the globalists brawl that has already begun with shots like China threatening a trade war against the US. Globalists are not going just to roll over quietly for a Trump Administration. Lisa Haven thinks that globalists could crash the US economy in response to Trump’s win. Lisa thinks Read More »