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The GuerillaStockTrading Stock Trading Master’s Brotherhood Creed

Hit and run, illusion, obfuscation, and pushing the pattern day trades to the maximum for accounts under $25K are honorable actions.

Technical analysis is the biggest mistake that retail traders make. Over-reliance on traditional technical analysis and fundamental ratio that have been obsoleted due to wide availability, gives no edge. In fact, it causes losses over many trades as an account slowly bleeds out. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are not different things and do not arise from divinity, but reason. Reason is the unified grand theory of trading. Thus, the ability to reason is at the core, and is the essence of everything. We never put our ability to reason in the backseat while letting technical analysis or fundamental analysis drive our stock trading decisions. We do the opposite. Technical and fundamental analysis are in the backseat while reason drives our forward-thinking analysis. knowledge of technicals and fundamentals are small facets of our ability to reason. We will not allow the system to pigeonhole our trading decisions inside a prison for our minds. A prison in which, once we are inside, they can manipulate our trading decisions. We strive to think outside the box, outside the prison matrix established for our minds.

The corporate media exists to enrich themselves, not us, thus we are always initially skeptical of mainstream media news until proven otherwise.

The SEC, FINRA, and other government regulatory agencies primarily exist to protect and build moats around the rich and powerful. The “pattern day trader” penalty of blocking accounts from trading for 90 days if they use guerilla hit-and-run tactics is an example of a system rigged against smaller retail/amateur traders. All rigged systems masquerade as being good for the public when it is just the opposite. However, these regulatory agencies do provide certain benefits to retail/amateur traders, see the section on irony below.

We vote in elections based on which candidate we think will do the best for the stock market. We do NOT vote based on ideological bias and we do not identify ourselves with any party. Once we make that decision, and that candidate gets elected, we defend that candidate to the end unless they repeatedly take actions that are bad for the stock market, in which case we will troll that candidate and his/her supporters on social media until they are defeated in the next election. Money and stock market performance are what matter the most to us and not ideology.

Hostile enemies will join the GuerillaStockTrading Premium service with the goal of shorting all long positions. Therefore, we practice obfuscation by keeping losers on the GST Portfolio so that such enemies are confused and do not know which stocks to short. We try and keep the GST Portfolio list as long as possible, so enemies are not able to clearly focus on shorting any particular stock. Unless they’ve been members for many months like the majority of Premium members, enemies do not know what is going on and what stocks to target. They are limited to only shorting recent picks while they’ve personally been members. This is an illusion and obfuscation used to confuse rich and powerful people who join GuerillaStockTrading with the goal of shorting our long positions BUT it does not eliminate the problem completely thus we are always aware of this tactic and not blindsided by it. The preferred way to trade the GST Portfolio is to trade in and out of the stocks on that list, going for 3%+ wins, getting out, then entering again on a pullback. We try and pick up-trending stocks in continuation patterns to maximize the odds of winning with such a hit-and-run strategy. This active trading happens quickly and will not be alerted in an email because it would push up the stock for some members, but other members of the Brotherhood would chase and end up being bag holders. This violates the principle of doing no harm to other members and would only artificially inflate the performance of our stock picks and so we don’t do it. Most other “stock guru” trading services do this which is harmful to their own members as it inflates the performance of the “guru”, while making most other members bag holders, hence average member performance does not match that of the “guru”. Our target is institutional traders and not other amateur traders or members of the Brotherhood. It is never morally acceptable to target fellow members like this.

We believe that NO ONE is a substitute for individual thinking and trading skills. Do NOT look for a STOCK GURU, they are all fake. Seek tools, not gurus. Seek opinions, not trades. YOU are the master of your own destiny. Do NOT get intellectually lazy and relinquish your power of rational thought to ANYONE because YOU, are becoming or already are, a Stock Trading Master. We are the architects of our actions, and only we live with the consequences of our trading decisions, whether glorious or tragic.

Our target is institutional investors thus we track corporate PRs, analyst upgrades/downgrades, dark pool trades, and options flow. We try not to target other retail/amateur traders because they really don’t move markets or stocks. However, sometimes the shedding of innocent blood is unavoidable.

We understand that corruption comes from absolute power, which corrupts absolutely. Congress members, elected officials, and mainstream media groups are all open to corruption and engage in it regularly to enrich themselves, or their ideological party, often at the expense of average citizens. They spread strife and discord as a means of control and they despise the internet and citizen journalists that weaken their control on public discord and their ability to influence the public. We seek to understand reality at a deeper level with the belief that it will yield improved stock trading and investing outcomes.

The most important weapon of guerilla fighters against a better-armed and more powerful army is our ability to blend in, and become one, with the crowd. Our strategy is one of hit and run. Our goal is to get as close as possible to our target stealthily, and then escape just as quickly.

Our greatest weapon of illusion against better armed institutional investors is that our stock trades seemingly materialized from nowhere as sudden market orders, thus we do not set hard limit orders in our online trading platforms but instead use mental stop-loss levels that are locked inside our minds and not revealed until after the trade has already been made. If we set stop-loss levels in our trading platforms, our future trades would be more easily spotted by institutional investors and market makers, thus making it more difficult to make a profit on a trade.

We are in this together as guerilla fighters. Never compromise the Brotherhood of GuerillaStockTrading members or retail/amateur traders. Your actions should never divide or bring harm to fellow Brotherhood members. The actions of one should never bring harm to all. If you are spotted and destroyed by an institutional trader, you must never commit any action or say anything that could be tied back to the Brotherhood, or bring harm to any member of it. Posting the GST Portfolio on another website would only invite more rich and powerful people to target our positions which would hurt other members. Likewise, this Creed and our strategies should not be posted on other websites either as it reveals our attempts at illusion and makes it harder to be stealthy and execute a hit-and-run strategy.

Comfortable With Ironies

We must seek peace with irony.

Rules are not always absolute. Not all corporate media is bad, all the time. Sometimes great stock picks come from corporate media.

We seek to target institutional traders thus we monitor things like dark pool trades, options flow, corporate propaganda news, globalism, and more. However, sometimes we take money from other amateurs/retail traders too. At times, institutional traders take a position after we do and push up our positions. At times, we are on the same side with institutional traders as they target still other institutional traders. The enemy, of my enemy, is my friend, at least momentarily until we realize profits and exit from the position.

Not all Republican policies are good for the stock market. Sometimes a Democrat is better for the stock market than a Republican. We do not assume that one ideology is always superior to another when it comes to stock market performance. We seek to fight against blind faith in an ideological party when it comes to trading and investing, yet sometimes are guilty of that very thing ourselves.

We seek to see the deeper reality behind corporate news. Sometimes there is no deeper reality and what we thought was a deeper understanding was nothing more than a conspiracy theory. We assume that nothing is true until it’s proven.

What seemed like a great stock catalyst, is not moving a stock higher. We may have a catalyst, but the stock goes down and so we sell out for a loss. What the public may call “bipolar”, we call good trading. Sometimes we hold competing thesis’ within our minds and quickly react when one thesis wins over another.

The SEC, FINRA, and other government regulatory agencies primarily exist to protect and build moats around the rich and powerful. However, they also benefit us in that they force disclosures and accurate financial reporting.

These ironies do not undermine the Stock Trading Master’s cause. Rather, they demonstrate the way in which we embrace peace with irony to improve our trading outcomes. We may have both a bullish and bearish thesis on a stock at the same time. We embrace contradiction so that one may be two things, opposite in every way, simultaneously.

The Maxim

Our Creed DOES NOT command us to be free from a day job, to quit stable income, and put our family and those who depend on us at risk so we can selfishly chase a pipedream of trading at home for a living. Our Creed DOES command us to be wise and trust no one.

Ideology, ideals, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis, too easily give way to the dogma that institutional investors and corporate media use to manipulate and ultimately destroy us. This dogma becomes fanaticism with these trading tools and destroys our ability to free-think and rationalize outside the box.

Only we can decide whether the road we walk as a Stock Trading Master carries too high a toll. All the trading decisions we make, begin and end with ourselves.

All new Premium members agree to abide by the GuerillaStockTrading Stock Trading Master’s Brotherhood Creed.

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