Hospitals are the worst place you can go during an outbreak because it is where there is the greatest concentration of people who are infected. This is called nosocomial transmission and you can read about it here.

Most people read that a quarantine is going on in a city in China, but they don’t stop to think what that actually means for daily life. Folks, a quarantine is a very bad option. What happens if you have a heart-attack? What happens if you injure yourself and need to go to the hospital? These are things that most of us in the U.S. don’t think of when we hear of a quarantined city in China. Did you know that a city in quarantine would likely deactivate its 911 emergency call service or that it would be so overwhelmed, you would only get a buzy signal when calling it?

Below is a video that a Wuhan citizen was able to smuggle out, past the Chinese digital firewall, and to get it up on YouTube. Our corporate controlled globalist mainstream media is not reporting on what’s really going on in Wuhan and in 16 other major cities across China that are currently under quarantine. What these quarantined citizens are going through in China is likely what we will have to endure here in the United States if an outbreak occurs.

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