Rumors are circulating that China is spending hundreds of millions of dollars putting together a massive lobbying group in Washington DC to preserve the $550 billion a year trade deficit scheme against the American worker.

China is pulling out all the stops and even hiring former US officials that have inside information about how the US government works. Rumors are circulating that the former speaker of the House John Boehner has been hired by the Chinese to represent their interests in Washington. The source of that rumor is likely this story on The Daily Beast.

We know that China already has control over the Democrat party by way of the Clintons.

China’s influence in the US government is nothing new. On July 8, 1997, Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Fred Thompson (R-TN) reported that a review of classified information provided by U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that China had attempted to influence the 1996 U.S. elections with massive, illegal cash infusions funneled through agents and pro-Beijing intermediaries. The Chinese government crafted a plan to increase China’s influence over the U.S. political process that affected the 1996 presidential race and state elections.

The list of former US government officials being recruited by the Chinese is growing. Can you imagine if some of these former FBI and DOJ government officials still have security clearance! As House speaker, John Boehner had security clearance higher than the average American. Has President Trump revoked Boehner’s security clearance before he was hired by the Chinese?

China is orchestrating a multi-pronged attack to keep Americans out of work and drain $500 billion a year of wealth from this country. Lobbying and hiring former US government officials is only one of the tools used by the Chinese. The other tools are espionage (both economic and military), hacking, obtaining ownership in American corporations, stealing US corporations intellectual property, bribery, and more.

Before you automatically assume that no Republican or Democrat would sell out the US and their own country for Chinese money, consider that Google recently agreed to create a censored search engine that will aid and abet the oppression of the Chinese people. If the Chinese can get a rich and powerful US corporation like Google to do that, it’s a pretty good bet that they can get Americans to turn on their own American values and love of country too. Think about it. Some of you reading this article right now are in a world of hurt for money. Some of you are barely making it paycheck to paycheck. If someone from China said that they would give you $300,000 to convince 50 of your fellow US citizens to write a letter to their Congressman asking to block President Trump’s trade war and to allow the trade deficit with China to continue, you would likely do it. No? What if China raised the price to $600,000, $800,000, $1 million, most of us have a price we couldn’t refuse and would cave. We don’t like to admit that most of us would cave to the Chinese for a price but we would because we’re human, and to be human is to error.

The DOJ should ban all China lobbying and influence from this country. Why aid a communist regime that tortures and murders its enemies? Why help prop up a regime that enslaves billions of people through methods that are against everything we Americans stand for? There’s no reason that former US officials should be allowed to go to work for China lobbying groups. Congress should defy the China lobby and get serious about protecting America IMO. But it won’t happen. We’re capitalists and in a capitalist society, everything is for sale apparently.

With this massive lobbying effort by China, keep your eyes on Washington and how this plays out. This could have a major influence on the US economy and stock market.

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