TRIL stock is running higher in early trading on December 23, 2019.

The last we heard from this company is back on November 14, 2019, when the Company presented updated preclinical data from its STING program at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer annual meeting in Washington, D.C, on November 9, 2019. The data demonstrate that TTI-10001, the Company’s lead small molecule STING agonist, is well tolerated in mice by intravenous and oral administration, and induces durable complete regressions of tumors and immunologic memory by both routes of administration. These data highlight the potential of TTI-10001 to achieve best-in-class status among next generation STING agonists. The Company is currently seeking a partner for further development of this molecule.

“Over the past two months, we have conducted an intensive review of our development programs and resources,” said Jan Skvarka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trillium. “As a result of this review, we plan to focus our near term clinical development efforts on the intravenous administration of TTI-621, our anti-CD47 product that has shown promising preliminary evidence of activity in a number of hematologic malignancies. We continue to make progress in the ongoing dose escalation trial of TTI-621, with the goal of identifying the recommended phase 2 dose. As the only anti-CD47 molecule that has demonstrated complete responses in patients receiving study treatment as a monotherapy, TTI-621, we believe, has the potential to be the best-in-class molecule.”

“Our recently announced corporate restructuring is intended to extend our runway and enable the focus on intravenous TTI-621,” continued Mr. Skvarka. “In addition, we are exploring a number of strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value.”

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