President Trump has flat out rejected the deep state push for him to order U.S. forces to attack Iran. Bravo Mr. President!

There are questions lingering about the attacks. For example, this attack hit as many as 15 buildings that took half of all Saudi oil production offline. That’s a major attack right? Why were no workers killed at the Saudi oil production facilities when such a major attack took place? If the attack was so huge as to take half of all Saudi Arabia’s oil production offline, we would expect dozens to be dead at a minimum. There were no deaths. Not one. Sort of sounds like an inside job were the workers were given a heads-up before the “attack” so that they could get out of harms way.

Here’s another question. U.S. spy satellites and spy drones are all over Iran right now recording everything they do. We have surveillance planes flying in the area and recording even their uranium enrichment activities. We have moved a U.S. carrier into the region that comes with a convoy of ships and electronic surveillance systems. We are even intercepting oil tankers trying to sell banned Iranian oil. All of the surveillance and spy satellites currently watching Iran’s every move and intercepting every electronic signal possible, do you really think Iran launched cruise missiles or even drones armed with bombs and missiles that flew all the way across Iraq or even the Persian Gulf before reaching their destination? We would have a ton of satellite imagery of cruise missile launches from Iran. We have seen no proof of any launch of anything inside Iran. For Iran to have carried out this attack, our military assets in the theater would be grossly incompetent to not have captured anything.

Yemen is located very close to Saudi Arabia. An attack from Yemen without the U.S. military detecting any cruise missile launches is entirely possible because the distance, and hence the size of rocket engines required, are much smaller and harder to detect. Plus, the Houthis said they did it and they have a motive, payback for Saudi Arabia repeatedly bombing them for years.

Not only do the Houthis have motive, here they are using a drone to attack a Saudi Arabia military parade:

Iran has rejected U.S. charges it was behind the strikes on Saturday that damaged the world’s biggest crude-processing plant and triggered the largest jump in crude prices in decades.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the strikes were carried out by “Yemeni people” retaliating for attacks by a Saudi-led military coalition in a war with the Houthi movement. “Yemeni people are exercising their legitimate right of defense,” Rouhani told reporters during a visit to Ankara.

The mainstream media reported on Sunday that President Trump offered military assistance to Saudi Arabia but Trump said he had not made commitments to protect the Saudis.

“No, I haven’t promised Saudis that. We have to sit down with the Saudis and work something out,” he said. “That was an attack on Saudi Arabia, and that wasn’t an attack on us. But we would certainly help them.”

President Vladimir Putin said Russia was ready to help Saudi Arabia by providing Russian-made air defense systems to protect Saudi infrastructure. This introduces the possibility that even Russia could have helped with this attack in order to land a multi-billion dollar deal for its missile defense system.

One thing is quickly becoming clear about the Middle East: trust no one.


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