President Trump destroyed the corporate big tech backed Biden in the final debate before the 2020 Presidential election.

One of the most damaging exchanges for Biden during the October 22, 2020, debate was the exchange on fracking.

President Trump was correct that Biden flips on whatever issue he needs to flip on to get votes. That’s what these fake n’ bake career politicians like Biden have always done. They have no moral code. They will say whatever their handlers tell them to say to get the most votes. It’s all about winning to career politicians like Biden.

Biden also lied when he said that he never called President Trump xenophobic or suggested that he was a racist for shutting off travel to China.

But social media doesn’t lie and reveals that Biden did in fact accuse Trump of being xenophobic when he shut down travel from China.

President Trump also correctly pointed out that neither Democrats nor Joe Biden is the party of medicine and science. In 2009 – 2010 when Joe Biden was Vice President, the H1N1 flu infected 60 million Americans, and Obama and Biden did zero, nada, nothing to stop it. Here’s Biden’s own former chief of staff admitting they did everything wrong:

How does handing over the country to Joe Biden and Democrats, with their proven track record of failure, make the country any safer? That’s the argument that President Trump put forth which essentially calls into question the idea of penalizing Trump’s failed handling of the pandemic as a reason to vote for Biden.

Biden’s debate tactics looked fake and too polished. Take for example this comment that President Trump panicked, not the American people:

But wait. Biden said earlier that Trump downplayed the virus and should have taken it more seriously. Now Biden’s argument is that Trump is the one who panicked and not the American people? Everybody knows that all of us panicked so much so that toilet paper, certain food items, masks, disinfectants, clippers, and many other products ran out. Biden’s comment came off more as a dishonest debate tactic, “The American people don’t panic. Trump panicked,” that did an honest argument. Nobody in their right mind would say that Americans didn’t panic. We all panicked back in March and you have only to remember what happened to the stock market and toilet paper hoarding to know what Joe Biden said was stupid.

Biden, the Wall Street whore who has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars from the largest corporations in America accused the Trump Administration of going to Wall Street and saying sell short. But in reality, it was four people in Congress and it was both Republicans and Democrats that dumped their shares based on insider knowledge. This is more an issue of a corrupt insider trading Congress with people from both parties engaged in the practice and it has nothing to do with President Trump.

When the debate turned to national security, Trump exposed Biden for the corrupt Establishment politician that he really is with this blistering attack, “You were getting a lot of money from Russia. They were paying you a lot of money. And what came out today – all of the emails, the horrible emails of all the money you were raking in, you and your family. And I think you owe an explanation to the American people.”

Biden lied in his response, “I have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever,” then attempted to pivot the topic back by claiming Trump has a “secret bank account in China.”

Biden also blamed ‘Russians’ for the contents of son’s laptop.

Yet here is Biden on camera admitting that he blackmailed the Ukraine President (with US tax dollars) into firing the prosecutor in Ukraine that was investing Burisma, an energy company his son Hunter Biden sat on the Board of and who was paid an estimated $3 million:

President Trump asked Ukraine to bring back the prosecutor Biden got fired and to reopen the investigation if they wanted to and Biden and Democrats turned that around and claimed Trump was bribing Ukraine. News flash: undoing and exposing corruption by Democrats like Joe Biden is not corruption, any more than Hunter Biden’s laptop is a Russian conspiracy.

President Trump squashed the fake news that he has a secret bank account in China. He explained that he closed the bank account before running and then contrasted that with Biden who used his office as Vice President to enrich himself and the Biden family.

President Trump did an excellent job of exposing Biden as a corrupt, career politician and when Biden did a fake debate tactic that he rehearsed with his debate team, Trump absolutely destroyed him:

Finally, Trump hit this line repeatedly throughout the debate: “Joe, you were in Vice President for 8 years, why didn’t you do anything then? You’ve been in government for 47 years, why are you only saying these things now about what you’re gonna do?”

As I said, folks, the Democrat party put forth a failed Establishment candidate. Why the Democrat party didn’t learn from putting forth an Establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton against Trump in 2016 shows something is very broken and wrong with the Democrat party.

The only hope Biden has is if Comcast’s NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and AT&T’s CNN, and big tech corporations like Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and others, can come to Biden’s defense and spin this as Biden winning the debate while blocking all opinions contrary to that spin. Let’s watch what the big corporations do in the wake of the failed performance of Biden.


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