One thing that Syria has taught us, President Trump gets a little crazy when he sees pictures of horrible things on TV. The latest horrible thing is American Otto Warmbier died after being imprisoned by North Korea. CNN reports our favorite war-monger John McCain says North Korea murdered Otto Warmbier (link above).

I have to agree with John McCain that Warmbier was murdered by North Korea. Freaking horrible what happened, no doubt. I’m so sad for Otto Warmbier and his family and what North Korea did to him is beyond horrible.

Traders will be watching President Trump’s response because we know he’s a little crazy when it comes to striking out from pictures he sees on TV.

President Trump promised people for more than a year that we should not be meddling in Syria and in fact we should work with the Russians to defeat ISIS in that country. President Trump won on a platform of bashing Democrats and Republicans for spending trillions of tax dollars meddling in the middle-east and around the world. Then, that all changed when Trump saw pics of people that were gassed on TV. Trump launched some 60 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into a sovereign country attacking the Syrian government who likely had nothing to do with the gas attack in the first place.

President Trump’s foreign policy has so far been a disaster and he’s broken his promises to voters to get us out of being the police force of the world.

I could so see Trump going off the deep-end again and launching some type of missile strike against North Korea once he sees pics of what happened to Otto Warmbier on TV. Remember, President Trump is that textbook Black Swan for the stock market so don’t get blindsided when he goes off-the-rails.

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