Uber Technologies $UBER Stock Up On ‘Best Week Ever’

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UBER stock ripped 5.4% higher on December 14, 2021, after the CEO said Uber Technologies had the best week ever for bookings.

Uber up over 5% after CEO touts ‘best week ever’ for bookings

Shares of Uber (UBER) are trading up more than 5% after CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said his company had its “best week ever in terms of overall gross bookings” while presenting at fireside chat with analysts from UBS.

“Our overall mobility business continues to get closer to pre-pandemic levels. We’re starting to inch up to call it like the 90% mark, we’re not quite there. Last week was our best week, you know, post-pandemic,” Khosrowshahi is quoted by CNBC as having said.

Clear Secure, Uber announce partnership

Clear Secure (YOU) and Uber (UBER) have announced a partnership that will integrate Uber’s ride platform directly into the Clear app’s “Home to Gate” feature. With this partnership, Clear app users will be able to use the Home To Gate feature and its data driven insights to find out exactly when to leave for their flight and reserve an Uber ride ahead of time – creating a more seamless, predictable travel experience.

Uber Eats Makes Food Delivery To Outer Space

On December 13, 2021, Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) announced their first-ever food delivery to outer space. Expanding the global company’s footprint beyond earth’s surface and into the thermosphere, Uber Eats became the first delivery platform to send food to the International Space Station.

Uber Eats teamed up with Japanese entrepreneur and delivery superfan, Yusaku Maezawa, to hand deliver beloved ready-to-eat canned Japanese dishes to the astronauts at the International Space Station as part of his 12-day orbit. This delivery was made on December 11 at 9:40am EST having traveled 248 miles and 8 hours and 34 minutes since Maezawa’s departure from Earth.

“One small handoff for Yusaku Maezawa, one giant delivery for Uber Eats!” said Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. “We’re over the moon to have helped make our first successful delivery to space. Our goal is to help people go anywhere and get anything, so we’re proud to serve the astronauts at the International Space Station. Yusaku Maezawa gets a thumbs up on this delivery, even though it took a bit longer than the usual 30 minutes to arrive.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to handle Uber Eats’ first food delivery to space,” said Yusaku Maezawa. “Uber Eats’ initiative and sense of adventure is inspiring. I will never stop challenging myself, and I hope that everyone continues to do the same. Let’s make the world a better place!”

With dishes including boiled mackerel in miso, beef bowl cooked in sweet sauce, simmered chicken with bamboo shoots, and braised pork, Uber Eats and Maezawa treated the astronauts to a delicious meal that was a welcome break from standard space food.

Uber announces new Holiday hub on Uber Eats platform

On December 7, 2021, Uber Technologies announced the expansion of their seasonal delivery offerings with the brand new Holiday hub on the Uber Eats platform. The first-of-its-kind category will expand and rotate seasonally throughout 2022 and beyond to accommodate various holidays, making it easier than ever for consumers to have holiday needs delivered right to their door. The new hub will also be home to Uber’s recently launched Holiday Shop, which will offer on-demand delivery and pick-up of Christmas trees and more to customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, West Palm Beach as well as wreaths in New York City this holiday season. The exclusive partnership with Proper Companies’ holiday division, features 2-4 foot trees, wreaths and tree preservative for delivery, as well as 5-10 foot trees for pick-up.

📺 VIDEO Uber CEO on earnings: We expect profitability to increase in Q4

On November 5, 2021, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi joined CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to react to the company’s latest quarterly earnings.

UBER Stock Technical Analysis

Uber Stock

Both the long and short term trends are negative. It is better to avoid buying stocks with negative trends. The positive divergence between large players volume and price is bullish. UBER is part of the Road & Rail industry. There are 46 other stocks in this industry, of which 70% are performing better than UBER. UBER is currently trading near the lower end of its 52 week range, which is not a good sign. Certainly not because the S&P500 Index is trading near new 52 week highs at the moment. There is a support zone ranging from 35.72 to 35.72. This zone is formed by a combination of multiple trend lines in multiple time frames. There is a resistance zone ranging from 44.49 to 45.20. This zone is formed by a combination of multiple trend lines in multiple time frames. The technical rating of UBER is bad and it also does not present a quality setup at the moment. Price movement has been a little bit too volatile to find a nice entry and exit point. It is probably a good idea to wait for a consolidation first. Click here to sign up for email alerts on when UBER stock is a good technical entry.

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