Unusual dark pool activity was detected in IQ stock on January 3, 2020.

Dark pool traders swept various dark pool venues looking for contra to cross the order. In some venues, no contra was detected and so ships passing in the night is evidenced by the cancelled orders.

Notice the cancelled dark pool orders. It’s so important that the tool you use to track dark pool trades also has the ability to display cancelled dark pool orders. The BB tool we recommend tracks cancelled dark pool orders. These cancelled dark pool orders are ships passing in the night. Check out the dark pool trading lesson if you want to know more about dark pool contra, shotgunning orders over the dark pool, and “ships passing in the night”.

The dark pool activity looks bullish IMO. It appears traders shotgunned various dark pool venues looking for contra to cross the order. Parts of the order were crossed while others were ships passing in the night.

Bullish options flow was also detected in IQ stock on January 3, 2020, with 11,790 calls trading, 2x expected, and implied vol increasing over 4 points to 49.55%. 1/31 weekly 24.5 calls and 1/31 weekly 25.5 calls were the most active options, with total volume in those strikes near 3,000 contracts. 

iQIYI has become a mainstream popular platform with incredible original Chinese content production rivaling that of Hollywood.

iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, announced that Spycies (the “Film”), a family-friendly animated film produced by iQIYI Pictures, will hit theaters across China on January 11. Following its China premiere, the film will be subsequently released in overseas markets including Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

The Film revolves around an alluring and complex action-adventure between “Spy Cat” Vladimir and “Hacker Mouse” Hector set in a modern animal kingdom. In the thrilling and entertaining animal world, the production team created and produced more than 40 species, over 90 animal characters, and more than 60 scenes. The Film features endangered animals such as white rhinos and snow leopards, nationally protected animals such as lorises, and extinct animals such as mammoths. The Film realized numerous special effects. For example, the design of distinctive fur animations for each species in the Film was based on research of the animals’ actual physical characteristics including fur pattern, material, length, and density.

“With the superb animation effects, exciting storyline, and family-friendly themes, this film will undoubtedly succeed in delighting parents and children alike,” said Ya Ning, President of iQIYI Pictures. “The film will further be released in overseas markets, and we look forward to bringing more premium content to our global audiences in the future.”

In 2018, Spycies was nominated by the Cannes International Film Festival’s “Annecy Goes Cannes” unit based on the Annecy International Animated Film Festival’s judging panel recommendation. Leveraging its rich experience in adapting its premium IP across multiple entertainment formats, iQIYI is developing merchandise such as mystery toy boxes, steam eye masks, luggage cases, and snacks around the IP of Spycies.

On December 25, 2019, iQIYI received ISO 27001 and ISO 29151 certifications by the international certification authority DNV GL. This represents a “milestone” for the company in its information security management and user privacy protection capabilities, and also as the first company in China’s online video industry to obtain dual certifications simultaneously. ISO 27001 is the most applied certification in the information security sector. ISO 29151, as the universal standard on individual identification information protection, covers 26 control domains and 181 control measures. Based on the security guidance of personal privacy in ISO 29151 and the information security system in ISO 27001, iQIYI has established a global information security system across various key functions including system audit, data security, asset management, personnel training, as well as its working process. The product management, research and development, testing, as well as operation of iQIYI’s video streaming services, membership and account application systems have all passed the DNV GL verification.

On December 12th, 2019, Damp Season, a joint production by iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) has been shortlisted for the Bright Future program at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam (the IFFR), which will take place from January 22, 2019 to February 2, 2020. Damp Season will premiere globally in January 2020. This marks the third time for an iQIYI joint production film to be recognized by an internationally renowned film festival this year after the film Balloon was shortlisted for the Venice International Festival and Dwelling in The Fuchun Mountains shortlisted for the Cannes International Festival. In 2018, iQIYI joint production The Widowed Witch won the Tiger Award at the 47th IFFR.

Produced by celebrated Tibetan film director Pema Tseden as well as Geng Jun and directed by Gao Ming, Damp Season tells a story of a complicated relationship between a young couple, an independent girl and an eccentric boy that set in the humid environment of Southern China. “There’s already talk of the ‘Southern Wave’, with acclaimed films such as Long Days Journey into Night and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains all having had sub-tropical areas of China as its settings”, as said by panel of the 49th IFFR. Damp Season, director Gao Ming’s first feature film, won multiple awards from the FIRST Film Festival and Beijing International Festival’s Financing Forum.

“This recognition of Damp Season once again demonstrates our continuous output of quality content, especially our endeavors in art films,” said Ya Ning, President of iQIYI Pictures. “iQIYI will continue to produce and bring premium content of all sorts to our audiences.”

The IFFR is one of the most prestigious global film festivals in Europe. Since its founding in 1972, it has maintained its focus on independent and experimental filmmaking by showcasing emerging talents and established auteurs. Highly acclaimed by the global film industry and being just behind Berlin International Film Festival in annual viewers, the IFFR has become one of the most important film exhibitions and trading platforms around the world.

iQIYI Pictures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NASDAQ-listed online entertainment company iQIYI. In recent years, iQIYI has produced a number of internationally-renowned high-quality films, including The Widowed Witch, The Summer Is Gone, The Pluto Moment and Balloon, and restored heritage films such as Diary of a Nurse and The Adventure of Sanmao the Waif, winning iQIYI numerous awards at the Cannes International Film Festival, the Golden Horse Awards and the IFFR.

On December 5, William Chan, Senior Vice President of iQIYI, attended the 20th Asia Television Forum & Market (“ATF” or the “Event”) and participated in a panel discussion of the Event’s “Re-Formatting for the New World” forum. In the panel discussion, Chan spoke about iQIYI’s endeavors and achievements in the areas of original content development and overseas content distribution.

iQIYI SVP William Chan Speaks at ATF: Embracing Global Video Streaming Changes by Creating Content That Reflects This Day and Age

As Asia’s premier entertainment content event, each year the ATF gathers industry leaders and experts to share and exchange views on the latest developments and challenges in the entertainment and video streaming industries. Chan was joined in the panel discussion by industry leaders including Founder and CEO of The Format People Michel Rodrigue, ITV Executive Vice President Mike Beale, all3media Executive Vice President Asia Pacific Sabrina Duguet, and senior industry consultant Vivian Yin.

“Changes in media channels are at the core of the development of the global media industry. These changes stem from the growing need to deliver information and entertainment to users in a more efficient and convenient manner,” said Chan at the panel discussion. “Creators should embrace such changes and strive to understand users better and produce content and formats suited to this day and age.”

Chan also highlighted that industry professionals should adopt a new mindset when it comes to content production due to the highly personalized demands for content experience that online users have today. Chan noted that today’s youth are especially interested in personalized vertical genres that come with interactive elements. Production of content that reflects cultural trends and is highly interactive through the application of technological innovations such as AI, IV, VR and AR is bound to become a key characteristic of China’s online video platforms.

In addition, iQIYI is committed to exploring diversified distribution models in order to have high-quality Chinese content be made available to more overseas users. Since 2017, iQIYI has distributed over 2,000 episodes of content, including variety shows, dramas and online movies, to over 200 countries and regions around the world. In 2019, iQIYI officially launched its global iQIYI App, and reached a strategic partnership with Astro, a leading media platform in Southeast Asia, for the localization of iQIYI’s services in the region. Breaking free from traditional content distribution models and utilizing its advantages in technological and format innovation as well as overseas partnerships, iQIYI is dedicated to expediting content’s production to distribution timeline to enhance the influence of Chinese entertainment in international markets.

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