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ThinkSabio on StockTwits posted this excellent breakdown of recent institutional activity in LYG stock:

The uncertainty of how and when the U.K. will exit the European Union has weighed on the country’s economy. The banking sector, in particular, suffered, as banks were forced to set aside funds to cover potential losses should a hard exit drive the U.K.’s economy into a tailspin. Now that the Brexit uncertainty is gone, institutional traders may be buying up UK bank stocks on the cheap as better days will eventually come around.

Lloyds has been the only one of Britain’s four biggest lenders not to have taken a provision against a potential Brexit-related increase in bad loans.

Lloyds bank is a profitable bank, paying well-covered dividends yielding more than 3%. Lloyds liquidity situation looks healthy too, with the bank having passed the Bank of England’s 2019 stress tests, which it described as “the most severe test that the group has faced and more severe than the last global financial crisis.”

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