The Red Dragon’s ambitions are increasingly hurting U.S. markets.

Some people are China-apologists. Everything China does, they try and sugar-coat. Maybe it makes them feel better about the world they live in. Maybe they have outsourced U.S. jobs and have a financial interest in justifying everything China does.

More than one trader told me that the petroyuan was no big deal. It was just China wanting to buy oil without having to acquire U.S. dollars first. Once again, I was right and traders who told me this were wrong and the proof comes from China itself.

China’s communist newspaper The Global Times published an article last week where they write:

The widespread pricing and trading of crude oil in the yuan, or the “petroyuan,” is likely to shake people’s confidence in the US dollar, and theoretically back up the value of China’s yuan in the global market place.

Below is a video I published on YouTube going into actions by China that are increasingly having a negative impact on our markets.

Transcript of China’s Global Domination Ambitions Impacting US Markets

Over the Guerrilla Stock Trading website and the Saturday show, we tell the truth about China and for many people, they can’t handle the truth.

Now, after posting the, several videos last week about China exposing what China is doing, not following the mainstream media template here in the US, right? But just looking at the facts and what China has done and really, what their goals of global ambition are, we have had a big attack against the YouTube channel. Now the blog they attempted, but I did a pretty good job with fortifying that in the weeks leading up to last week.

Over YouTube, there were a ton of Chinese names, of Chinese people supposedly, posting underneath the video. Now right off the bat, right off the bat, I’m telling you guys that’s China government propaganda, China bots that China government cyber operations taking place. Okay and it it’s very simple to know why that’s, how you can determine that’s what’s going on because, for starters, don’t tell me that you come into my channel on the topic of stock trading and investing and that all these China people follow me every week. Right. All and all these China traders and so now that there’s something that they don’t like their just suddenly just talking about it. That’s, no. That’s absurd what happened is that clearly these bots. These China chat bots. These China cyber operations are specifically seek out content that may be viewed as negative towards China and then blasts that channel with fake chat by Chinese comments. Okay, they’re seeking out, there actively seeking out over the Internet and over YouTube different videos or or topics, and then they’re trying to manipulate and control public perception.

For one, I just proved that these had to be China actors with an agenda, why? Because we’re a stock trading and investing website. These people are normally not on the channel and now suddenly they all come to the channel. Okay so right off the bat, boom. You just proved, I just proved, the motivation point. Second point, the way that you know to that their government actors is that the people in China are not free. They’re not allowed to get on YouTube in the first place! So don’t tell me that all these China people now are suddenly on YouTube, right? The government just shot themselves in the foot. They block main parts of the Internet to Chinese citizens. Obviously, YouTube is one of them. My channel certainly and my website would be, fall underneath that category. So in a regulated Internet which is what China does, right? The government controls the Internet in China. How can you suddenly disbandon belief and just, you’re just supposed to be dumb and go look at all these people from China are saying this and that and that. No. Nobody from China is allowed on the free Internet right? So give me a break, okay?

And then the other way that you know that it’s propaganda is, I mean guys I kid you not, some of the comments that were underneath it were like the Chinese people the way that we believe it is give as much as possible of yourself to your neighbor. This is the China belief of Chia or something and then some bunch of Chinese characters posted underneath the YouTube video. So that’s absolutely false. Don’t tell me that China’s belief is just try to give as much as possible to your neighbor as much as you can. You’re not a Christian. Give me a break.

Okay, here’s the Global Times that you’re looking at on your screen and this is the Chinese propaganda media, okay? Petroyuan to propel currency internationalization. This was just posted, this last week, after the petroyuan move to knock out the US dollar. Now check out exactly what the Chinese propaganda machine, what the Chinese government, is saying. “Once the yuan dominated crude futures market is established as a major oil benchmark with active trading volume and significant domestic and global investor participation, the acceptance of the Chinese yuan as a mode of global transaction will rise.”

That’s their motivation, but it goes on.

“There is no reason why the INE contract should not take its place alongside the UK’s Brent and the US’ West Texas intermediate. It is far more useful marker for China and for the rest of the economically fast-growing Asia, given that the seven grades of crude excepted for delivery on the INE are heavier and more sour than the light grades that make up Brent and the WTI. Some have warn that the growing clout of China’s currency and international financial markets could gradually erode the primacy of the US dollar, but at the current stage, nobody knows for sure what impact China’s new benchmark will post to the oil hegemony the dollar has held since the 1970s. With few exceptions, any country with wishing to purchase oil must first obtain US dollars creating a significant demand for the currency in international financial markets. As a result, the petrodollar mechanism has played a critical role in generating global confidence in the greenback which has benefited the US economy a great deal. The widespread pricing and trading of crude oil in the yuan or the petroyuan one is likely to shake people’s confidence in the US dollar and theoretically backup the value of China’s yuan in the global market place.”

There you go! There is the goal right there in the Chinese media. So when you have these Chinese bots, these chat bots, going out and posting things like China, the people are so good and we’re just so great and we just, it’s Trump that started this trade war, and we believe in giving to people what they need as much as humanly possible and blah blah blah. It’s not true. China’s goal is global domination. It has been from the very start. We know this because we look at their actions. We look at what China is doing in the South China Sea. We look at the Chinese dream, right, the China dream that says China wants to not be suppressed by anybody and not have anybody set limits on China’s power, right?-which, which should make the hairs on your arm stand up. We know that these are China’s goals and now we see that the Chinese commentary from the state ran Global Times of China, we can clearly see that from this commentary that the their absolutely looking at knocking off the US dollar and establishing the yuan as the premier currency, as the new global reserve currency.

So let’s just be real folks. As stock traders and investors, we have to be real about the threat of China and what China is doing. This way, we are not blindsided by responses from the Trump administration in regards to China’s aggression and what China is doing.

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