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President Signs Tariffs Against China To Protect American Workers

I’m so proud of my country and of many of you on GuerillaStockTrading who supported then candidate Trump. Today nearly brought me to tears after our long and hard fought victory came to fruition.

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We did it folks. It took fighting. Lots and lots of fighting. It took educating. I spent nearly a year producing macroeconomic lessons and videos educating and explaining what unbridled globalism and the pursuit of greed has done to this country. These economics lessons are still on the website for your viewing pleasure here.

Like I told you years ago, if you don’t understand what’s going on and you get your news from the fake liberal leaning mainstream media, just trust us and let us make America great again. That’s what we’re doing folks. Most people hate change and fight against it at first.

My economics professor Peter Navarro, who seldom appears in public, stood next to the President today as he announced steel tariffs and aluminium tariffs. I am so proud of Dr. Navarro and it’s great seeing him get credit as he’s long fought against unfair trade. Check it out:

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Peter Navarro

Congratulations to readers of GuerillaStockTrading and viewers of the weekly Saturday Show on YouTube who supported President Trump from the very beginning.

Most of all, we are all so happy for American workers in the steel and aluminum industries.

The globalist controlled mainstream media is going to bash today’s actions by the President but we know, today is a great victory for all American workers who get up every morning and go to work for a living.

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