President Trump is the best US President in history after today’s NATO summit. Trump literally was sitting right across from the German representative as he scolded Germany right in front of the media cameras. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Check it out on Fox’s Hannity:

OMG! LOL! Trump is sitting right at the NATO table ripping into countries at the table! Trump has got the biggest balls of them all!


Trump could be out on a golf course like most other billionaires instead of fighting with other countries on behalf of the American tax payer. Trump could be vacationing in the Bahamas on a yacht instead of being attacked by the globalist mainstream media across many countries throughout the world. Instead, he’s fighting for America every chance he gets. He truly is the first President in US history to put America first.

AWESOME! Folks this is what it looks like when we have a President who was not elected by special interest money. Trump didn’t take money from corporations like Exxon, Chevron, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. We put him into office because of our individual donations. I personally gave $800 over a 1 year period to the Trump campaign to help get him elected. You probably gave too. Everybody did. This is what it looks like when a President does not have to clear everything he says through special interest groups and lobbyist speech writers first.

The US tax payer, you and I, gave $706.1 billion to NATO for 2018. That’s half of what it would cost to provide universal healthcare for every American citizen! That’s outrageous. We are $22 trillion in debt and yet we’re paying $706.1 billion to NATO.

But it gets worse folks. When NATO was formed, other countries were obligated by contract to contribute 2% of their GDP to NATO. Almost every country has not met their contractual obligation. Worse, these leftist countries are bragging about how they have things like universal healthcare and Democrats love to point that out. However what they don’t tell you is that these countries spend very little on Defense and NATO which is how they provide more services for their citizens.

But it gets even worse than that folks. These same countries are using the money that they don’t spend on Defense and NATO to subsidize many products produced in their own countries so as to have a competitive advantage over products sold by US businesses in international markets!

But wait, there’s more. Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars a year for oil and natural gas instead of buying the oil from the US! Let me get this straight. NATO was established to protect our European allies from Russia, but now Germany has oil pipelines put into its country directly from Russia! So Germany is shorting the NATO budget and paying that money to Russia for oil and natural gas instead of buying our natural gas! We just got the shirt ripped off our backs by Germany and Europe! You mad bro?

Shirt ripped off

President Trump exposed the NATO scam on US tax payers which proves globalist corruption at mind-blowing levels. No wonder our roads and airports are not being repaired and upgraded and our Social Security is bankrupt. The US tax payer really is an ATM machine for the world. We really are the piggy bank of the world!

There’s no going back from here folks. President Trump used the bully pulpit to expose the corrupt scam by both Democrats and Republicans over the last 60 years. President Trump is like Morpheus in the movie the Matrix.

Morpheus Welcome to the real world

The President has woken this nation up. He has exposed the dishonest and corrupt mainstream media that has built a false matrix reality in which hard working US citizen who pays taxes are screwed at so many levels its staggering.

You got screwed

How do we go back from here? I don’t think we do. Now that President Trump has awoken the masses and revealed that US citizens are enslaved to countries around the world, how do we go back to a President who is controlled by special interest groups, you know, a “politically correct” President? There’s no way we go back to a weak “politically correct”, “global apologist”, President.

This movement against the globalists and their corporate oligopoly backers is not just about America though. Our brothers in the UK are fighting for their own independence from the EU and Trump continues to help where he can:

A stock trader from the UK left a comment on the Saturday Show awhile back saying, “You guys in the US are lucky to have Trump”. Luck had nothing to do with it. I felt sorry for the guy because I could feel his disappointment with Theresa May.

This Will Likely Hit The Stock Market At Some Point

President Trump is trying something that no other President has been able to do, renegotiate all trade deals with all countries at the same time to eliminate our chronic trade deficits. The President is trying to seal our borders to protect our country from being overrun with drugs and gang violence that kills thousands of Americans every year. It’s never been tried before. We should all be praying and hoping the President is successful in these extremely difficult tasks. President Trump is also renegotiating our role in the WTO and NATO. These are major changes the President is working on. It is foolish to think that some of these monumental events in the world are not going to splash over the rim and hit our stock markets at some point.

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