The U.S. manufacturing sector went into a recession in Q2 2019, something you are not hearing a lot about in the U.S. mainstream media, but is being talked about overseas.

Let’s be real about this folks. Even freight shipping insiders are perplexed by the slowdown in the U.S. economy when consumer spending is still so strong.

TDSecurities analyst Mark McCormick says that the U.S. economy is just one trade war away from a recession.

Mr. McCormick’s statement that we’re just one trade war away from a recession would have sounded nutty a few months ago, but after the most recent Cass Freight Index report, there is a non-negligible chance that Mr. McCormick could be right.

Weakest pace for any year since the Great Recession in 2008.

Elizabeth Warren said today that a financial crisis is coming. She offered her solutions which could actually push the economy into a recession. While some of her solutions are off, she did correctly warn about the subprime market before the 2008 financial collapse.

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