In shocking news, Walmart is giving new hires an extra $100 if they have already been injected with the experimental genetic mutagen branded as a “COVID-19 vaccine”.

Why is what Walmart is doing not a HIPAA violation? Remember, HIPAA laws were established to limit the medical data corporations could request and or share about employees or new hires. HIPAA created a system to recognize and enforce the rights of patients to protect the privacy of their medical records.

It’s none of Walmart’s business to require medical records in order to hire someone or to pay them an extra $100. What enables Walmart and other corporations to circumvent HIPAA law is the declaration of a “National Emergency” as it relates to the coronavirus, despite there were no abnormal new deaths beyond the normal death rate from 2019 to 2020. This declaration of a “National Emergency” also gives big pharma total legal immunity from their experimental genetic mutagens.

The Associated Press reports:

Amazon is seeking to hire 75,000 people in a tight job market and is offering bonuses to attract workers, including $100 for new hires who are already vaccinated for COVID-19.

The jobs are for delivery and warehouse workers, who pack and ship online orders. Amazon, which already pays at least $15 an hour, gave out raises for some of its workers last month, and the company said Thursday that new hires will make an average of $17 an hour. Source:

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